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HWD Upload

The upload page allows users to upload media via the front end of the website. Users have a few options to upload media. Select multiple media items at one time to upload, choose large files, or link to media via a web url.

The image on the left highlights the features and functions that are on the upload page

  1. Upload Multiple Files
  2. Upload Large Files
  3. Link via a URL
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Upload Multiple Files

Click the browse button and choose multiple files from your computer to upload. This makes it easy for people building a portfolio.

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Large Uploads

The large uploads area allows you to upload larger videos and audio. You can select several media items then click the upload button. This will start the upload process and you will be given details about the media item being uploaded.

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Add Remote Media

Add media via the web from your favorite video websites. Link directly from Youtube, Vimeo, etc...

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You can add media directly to a Category, Album, Group or Playlist. To do this you just go to the category/album/group/playlist first and then hit the 'Add Media' button.