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HWD User Channels

The user channels page allows you to view all of the users on your website as well as the media they've uploaded to the website. View each users media in the User Details page. Simply select their name and you will be given a media view layout of the different media that user has contributed to the site

The image on the left highlights the features and functions that are on the user channel page

  1. Layouts
  2. Search Filter
  3. Dropdown Filter
  4. Blog Layout
  5. Categories Layout
  6. User Meta
  7. User Details
  8. User Media Items
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The Users view gives you the ability to choose the layout you wish to view the items.

  1. Details - The thumbnails of the Albums, with details, in a grid.
  2. List - The thumbnails of the Albums, with details, in a list.
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Search Filter

HWDMediaShare uses the default search filtering options from Joomla! Filter by a keyword and the media will display based on your search criteria.

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Drop-down Filter

Use the select drop-downs to further filter the media you're looking for. Select the media by type, meta information, or display the number of items you wish to see.

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The User Channels page uses the standard blog layout css/output used in Joomla's com_content component. This is to ensure that the component will remain consistent with any template you install that uses the standard Joomla! css output styles. This is called the Details layout. You alternatively have the List layout here as well.

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User Meta

The User Channel page will also show you meta data about the different channels in HWDMediaShare. You'll notice you can see the number of views, and when the album was created.

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User Details

The User details gives you a list of the media you've added to your album. View all of the media you've added in the Details or List views.

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User Media

The User media is listed just like the media page for HWDMediaShare with the exception that only media added by the user are shown.