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HWD Categories

The categories page works great using standardized Joomla! output for css and HTML. Easily define the default order in the backend, and allow your users to re-select the order as they view in the front end. Simply click the 'view all' link in the Joomla! slider and see every category.

The image on the left highlights the features and functions that are on the categories page

  1. Category Layout
  2. Slider
  3. Dropdown Filter
  4. Blog Layout
  5. Categories Layout
  6. Categopry Meta Data
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Category Layout

The Categories view uses the familiar Categories Layout and Blog Layout as well as the ability to choose the layout you wish to view.

  1. Details  - Category thumbnail with details, displayed in a grid
  2. Tree - A list layout with sub-categories displayed in e tree-like structure
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The categories layout also displays a quick view slides area that you can see all of the categories in the HWDMediaShare component. You have the ability to hide this if you wish.

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Drop-down Filter

Use the select drop-downs to further filter the media you're looking for. Select the media by Title, Most Popular and Most Media.

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The Categories page uses the standard blog layout css/output used in Joomla's com_content component. This is to ensure that the component will remain consistent with any template you install that uses the standard Joomla! css output styles. You can use this with details(Details) or without(Gallery).

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We also give you the option to view the list of HWDMediaShare categories using the default J! Categories css styles and output (List). This will fit into any template that uses the default Joomla! css styles.

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Category Meta

The Categories page will also show you meta data about the different categories in HWDMediaShare. You'll notice you can view the number of media and the number of subcategories per category parent.