Dave founded and developed the original HWDMediaShare software. He graduated from the University of Durham in 2005 with a masters in theoretical physics and afterwards went to Cambridge to perform Plasma Physics research for the British Antarctic Survey. His love of open source software dragged him into Joomla shortly after it forked from Mambo. 


Sam graduated from Liverpool university with a first class honours degree in the summer of 2012. He returned to Newcastle and started full time employment with HWDMediaShare in September of the same year. He'll be contributing to all areas of the project, and we're glad to have him on board. Sam covered a broad section of internet computing during his studies, and one area which we are especially keen to investigate is the development of mobile applications for the iPhone. However, for the moment Sam will be assisting with support, working on development projects to bring exciting new features to HWDMediaShare, improving documentation and just generally engaging with our networks to keep the community up to speed with new features and developments.


Marpada is a systems administrator with over a decade of experience in a wide range of platforms. He has a real passion for the GNU / Linux operating system and free software, and collaborates with HWDMediaShare to provide high quality technical services. His interests include Linux server and database engine administration, Optimization (tuning) of LAMP applications, Assurance (hardening) of servers and Cloud Computing. You'll see marpada in the forum providing great technical support for server and media conversion related problems. He also frequently contributes documentation and blogs discussing various topics and also manages the installation services.

Gary joined the team late in 2011, and provided a much needed wave of fresh energy and motivation. Gary prepared new templates for the old HWDVideoShare software and also steered the HWDMediaShare rewrite for Joomla 2.5, focusing on Joomla standards and usability. He also prepared the new HWDMediaShare website template. Gary left us for eBay in 2013.


Tim Stiffler-Dean joined the team 2011, and prepares content and blog posts for the project on related media topics.