I've been working with this plugin, both the free and the pro version, for about a year and a half now, on several sites.

I doubt there's any commercial plugins that have the functionality this one does. And seeing how far it has come in such a short time, gives me confidence that the future is bright.

This plugin is the only free "youtube clone" out there, even outside the world of Joomla, that comes as close in functionality to Youtube itself.

How much would you have to pay to have videos AUTOMATICALLY converting into flv, two sizes of ipod videos, and a small-format mobile video?!?

How about integration with a great community building plugin, Community Builder?

Or your choice of several different players?

Or the best support forum in the business?

Well, ok, so you have to subscribe to the forum in order to post and get upgrades to the "pro" version. Well, all the pro version has that he doesn't give away for free is the monetizing compontent, hwdRevenueShare I think it's called. The guy's gotta eat... he can't give it all away.

I was happy as a free user being able to access the forum at all, along with the documentation. I bought a subscription last year, and now am re-upping.

But you don't have to pay a dime to have a great, fully-functional you-tube clone, using this software. It's easy to install (although, you do need to know something about - and have some control over - the hosting environment your site is in. However, that can be overcome by simply using a host that is set up for this kind of thing, which you can find on google.

One last thing I'll say about this plugin, "OK, I made the good review. Please.... let my family go now." Just kidding. =)

I really can't say enough good about this plugin. I remember working with one that used to be the most popular such plugin on the market, (doesn't even appear here any more!) and Hwd is so much easier. The support is excellent, the development is brisk, and I can't see using anything else for a Youtube clone.