I've worked with a lot of extensions and have been in software development for years. I have to say this is one of the best designed extensions I've used ever. I had it up and running in minutes and it took no tweaking, no fumbling, no grumbling, and no visits to the forum to work around issues. Kudos to the developer for designing this to avoid headaches on our end and headaches on his or hers, as the case may be.

There was one minor issue I ran into importing from Youtube. It didn't recognize the path I gave it that included the channel user in the url. But I quickly realized this was the difference from the path I gave it that worked and then one that didn't, and rectified the problem by submitting a direct link instead of the nested url. Other than that, perfect!

Thanks for an awesome product and I'm more than thrilled to pass on my recommendation to others. You deserve it!