This is the best video component for Joomla. I've used Seyret and the Jomsocial video application and they both fall short of hwdVideoShare.

The admin interface is a little overwhelming at first but after you take a spin through all the options, it's easy to understand/navigate. They've thought of everything from HTML5 support to HD video support... it's all there.

For those that mentioned the lack of support for non-paying members, you should really pay for a subscription. Issues are resolved within 24 hours of posting a problem/question and the developers treat you with respect. As complex as the component is, I'm amazed at how fast they respond to support requests.

Con: To fully enjoy all the features of the component, you'll need a dedicated server (or VPS). It still works in a shared environment but you'll want the performance/flexibility a dedicated environment allows.

This is the best video component for Joomla - download and give it a try - you won't be sorry.