I tried several other video programs before coming across hwdVideoShare. Installation was the typical download and install like any other Joomla component. After installation and first seeing all of the configuration options, I was expecting to spend a long night trying to set it up and integrating it into my site. I was wrong because it was fairly easy to configure. I believe it took about 20 minutes before I had a couple of test videos already added and working. A big plus with hwdVideoShare is the number of ways you can add videos. Not only can you upload videos from your computer or from a 3rd party like YouTube, but you can ftp, scan a directory on your computer, add from a remote, SQL import, and the one which hooked me was CSV imports. With this I can batch import numerous videos at one time. I really like how it imports the description, tags, and comments from videos off of YouTube. Saves a lot of time not having to do this manually. It even adds the comments which gives the appearance that someone else has already viewed and replied to the video. I did have a few questions but didn't have to contact their support. A quick search on what seemed to be an active support forum popped up some topics already answering my questions. All in all, this is a really great video sharing extension. It has a lot of features and is fairly easy to configure. I liked it so well I went ahead and purchased a Pro subscription to have access to their additional plugins, modules, and integration with JomSocial. I'll admit compared to Seyret, the free version appears to be lacking in some areas, but after installing the additional modules and plugins which came with the Pro subscription, in my opinion hwdVideoShare is the better product.