This is by far one of the best components I have used with my Joomla website production. At first, I downloaded the free version and was disappointed to see that it included no modules, plugins, or anything like that. I was so impressed with it and needed the modules and plugins that I actually bought the full version and subscription (this is the first time I have ever bought a Joomla component). It was a good price when comparing to other video components (and I compared ALL of them). Plus, at the time I bought it, it allowed 6-10 or unlimited site licensees at a VERY reasonable price. After purchasing the pro subscription, I downloaded the package which contained the component, lots of modules, and plugins. It was ready to go right out of the box and there are even 5 templates as well! And, on the plus side, I have asked numerous questions on their support forums to get a response from their support team right away. I have been very impressed by the component AND the support team backing it. This IS the video component for Joomla and, again, I have researched all of the other video components and this one is definitely the best.