If you are looking for the very best solution to date, for putting videos on your site, please don't bother with any other offerings you see in this section.

A little controversial but we spent 3 months as a small business trying to use all the others even asking and paying for help, so called professional help and still nothing to show for our hard earned money and time.

We finally came across HWDMEDIASHARE and we are so glad we did.

We did have a small problem, with our server, nothing to do with their product, but like knights in shining armor they came to the rescue.

The team are dedicated and compassionate, that's very rare these days

So in short this product offers way more than a lot of small business users will need.

But here lies the power, you can choose the features you need and have the ones you don't currently have a use for hidden until you are ready to make use of them on your site.

To anyone that is not techy and just wants video on their site, pay for the install service you won't regret it, but please please check your server has the requirements needed for mencoder etc

If you don't know what I mean just read the documentation and ask your service provider if they support the on the fly encoding and conversion needed.

The templates are worth more than the component on their own, especially the one they call Joomla.

It does a good job of emulating your current design, that's not to say you may not wish to adjust an odd margin here or there but you will be so pleasantly surprised that you will be smiling from ear to ear.

Offering a review for a product sometimes can be a hit and miss affair.

Who do you believe, well trust me this is your answer, buy it today, check your server supports the on the fly encoders they list, pay for the installation and sit back relax and enjoy, loading your videos on your site.

DO NOT, I REPEAT do not waste months like we did, you can put your trust in these guys, they will not let you down.

For those that helped us with our problem at HWDMEDIASHARE, you know who you are, we are so grateful, and I hope this second attempt write a review will send anyone looking for videos on their site to you.

HWD you are real stars and a heartfelt thank you.

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