First of all, let me say installing the component is easy and problem-free. Getting the necessary software in place to do the conversions is another thing - of course this has nothing to do with the developer of this component though. If you are wanting people to upload in all the supported formats - avi, mpeg, rm, divx, etc. either make sure the host you are using has ffmpeg, ffmpeg-php, and the other requirements in place (not supported by most shared hosts). If your host does not have these preinstalled and you don't have shell access...don't bother.

If you do have shell access and want to install all the software yourself and you're not a command-line wiz, be prepared for a rather steep learning curve. Most shared hosts with ssh access won't let you install software server-wide but only in your own account, this means that all of the tutorials out there for installing FFMPeg etc will need to be modified depending on your specific server environment. If you are only doing it once and don't have time to learn, pay the guys at Highwood to do it for you and save a lot of blood & sweat. Since I'm the DIY type and keen to learn I did it myself...400 megs of software & 1 month later its all working, I know a whole lot more about video encoding and Linux command-line.

Very nice perl uploader progress bar, social networking plugins, group creation & management, slick interface.

In summary - highly recommended component, support and price. Looking forward to the future of this component and others these guys kick out. Cheers