We have been using Hwd products for over a year and are just now migrating to the new HwdMediaShare. The development keeps improving making the component more and more complete.

Dave, the lead developer is a skillful developer and great person to work with. The level of support offered via the forum is outstanding and great help is offered in all sort of issues / questions. Can only recommend this component.


This component is great!! And so is the support. I had a problem, they jumped right on it and I was up and going in no time!! A Must Have for Video Sharing!


Completely recommend this component. We utilise it to manage a large array of media and have found it to be totally supportive and powerful, it meets our needs completely and in a very professional way. Our questions and suggestions are always answered and considered. The team are very receptive, the forum is a great resource to easily ask questions that will be responded to and see many solutions offered. It is clear the team are very dedicated to providing the highest quality product and service. Thank you very much HWD for a great component and all your support.


Nice software. I would like to kiss the persons who developed this software but only thing is I am unable to integrate it with community builder software. Please release a document for integration.


I am developing a site to display videos to users with different Joomla access levels. This product allows me to do that and keeps those videos separate from those uploaded by members in the community areas of the site. I am new to Joomla and have received help directly from Dave Horsfall, the developer. I would thoroughly recommend the product.

Richard Charlesworth

After searching for a flexible, powerful video player and gallery manager, we came across hwdVideoShare. It is exactly what we need for our readers who are teachers of TV/Video and Film with lots of student work to showcase. As we are a magazine publisher, NOT a JOOMLA "type" we did ask the support organization at Highwood Designs for help with installation and configuration. They proved to be one of the most responsive we have dealt with. Their answers came through in a very timely fashion and were easily implemented. Millions of stars for this product!

School Video News

This component is amazing, it can do so many things and the support in the is top-notch!! The support is quick, thoughtful and very helpful.

I continue to be impressed with the sheer amount of things you can do with it and features it has. I guarantee if the developer were to make a bulleted list on the JED extension page like some others do he would be selling many many more of these. The features listed on this page are the tip of the iceberg. Please make a full list of all features so more people know just how many features it has! More people should be using this.


I haven't fully tested all the features but the product is incredible efficient and simple to use. The questions I did have were answered within a day or two after making a form post. A great video component for Joomla!!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I tried several free components, and purchased another component and none met my needs. Then I purchased HWDMediaShare. There was a learning curve, but this component met and exceeded my needs and expectations, and I can't keep my hands off it! I love it. Building a site for customer, but now I want one too. Really great, and support is unbelievable.


I have tested so many video components or PHP scripts bridged with Joomla, believe me none of them are even close to hwdVideoShare. This component have so many options in the backend, integration of jomsocial, jomcomment, you can custom the look of your player with skins, logos ... If you need to tweak it as I did, the developers are giving you a hand very quickly. Now I have a awesome website, with HD videos only. Thank you so much to the great component and work guys!! PS : Sorry about my bad English.

Al Duccino

I set up a new video-tube and tried many components (free and paid). I need some special features for my site and with each component I reached early the limits, although some of them cost several hundred dollar.

Just before I completely desperate, I found by chance the HWDMediashare component for joomla, which had every single feature I needed. And if there is a necessity of a new feature, you can be sure that it will be developed in the future. There are no more problems with viewing videos on smartphones (even iPhone, which does not support flash media), you can translate everything (even the categories) you need in multilingual sites, sharing with other socialmedia it´s a child´s play, etc.

And the whole package is completed with the best support I ever had. Whichever problem occurs, you have the guaranty, that somebody will assist you. I am really amazed, that this team do every effort to satisfy their clients - this is very rare.

Therefore I can highly recommend this open source component.


A perfect extension, easy to use.


This is an amazing extension with great features. Lots of customization and easy to manage 1000s media. Developers are very responsive and when requested some new features, they developed them with in no time. If you are looking to build a media site, this is the only extension you need. Kudos to HWDMediaShare team. You guys rock.


I am so glad I went looking for a video gallery in the JED and finding hwdVideoShare! I don't know where to start about how good this is even at it's current stage of development. Like many I was using Seyret and it worked well for me but hwdVideoShare offers a lot more features and modules and as importantly it's 1.5 Native. I really hated having to run Seyret in Legacy mode. I didn't bother to try the free version, I simply bought the pro version based on the reviews and what I saw in the demo. I really wanted/needed to have all of the modules and plugins. I hated the green/gray color of the default template and having the pro version I was able to use the Dark template. Changing the template a little was very easy and I liked the way the entire configuration is set up in the admin cp. I really feel like my site is at a point where things are flowing smoothly; now if only I can get others to register and upload videos LOL. I know there are a lot of feature requrests and I'm really looking forward to what they add next.


Stop looking for other multi-media display solutions! This is what you need to go with. The support is phenomenal, the component does exactly what it says, and the forum provides ideas and solutions for anything imaginable.

Simply put- I rarely write reviews. A component has to really be fantastic for me to write a review- and this one is! I can't say enough good things about HWDMediaShare!


This extension is certainly impressive. It's easy to install, eas to use and easy to customise. It integrated with my existing site simply.


Not only elegant software, but a pleasant user experience learning about it and going through the purchasing process on the dev site. Worth every cent in time saved and the results produced. Well done, HWD guys!


I have always struggled with the 'youtube' style website, I've used phpmotion, I've tried seyret and was looking at opting for clipshare not so long ago. I saw HWMediaShare some time ago but was put off by the price, I simply couldn't afford it at the time, but now the price has come down and the component itself is free to use. I was overwhelmed by its flexibility, tools and features. Its integrations are great and growing continually. The support is quick and good, and the documentation is the best available, especially for installing ffmpeg and mencoder. The pro license is great value, plus you get the modules and plugins which are really useful.


If you are looking for a video management software then look no further. Amazing product and excellent support. These guys are real professionals.


Oh Oh..... Bye bye Seyret..... Super Component..... I was scare to install it at first because of all the requirements so what I did was set up a Joomla installation on my server just to try it out..... it installed right away with out any problems and it worked PERFECT! I WILL Pay for the Commercial version of this Component. Love it! Grade A+++


This wonderful component for video sharing community I had problem with this component but hwd support my problem very quickly and I'm very happy with them Component has very good feature.


An awesome product - a ton of features and excellently priced for what it has to offer. Installation and configuration in Joomla is straightforward, but the back-end support tools (which are required) do require some work and knowledge. HWD do, however, offer this as an add-on service which I availed of and was extremely happy with - they are an exceptionally professional company, and their support is top drawer. They answer queries promptly and professionally and actually try to help you. In closing, this component is highly recommend, and you're getting great value for money. Five stars!


I have installed the complete component hwdmediashare (photo & video) end 2011.
It installs without problem and configuration is easy; should you have some difficulties you will get quick and accurate support from the developer.
No matter the template of your website it will integrate smoothly (you can also buy template(s) if needed).
Uploading, sharing, or making revenues is very simple.
The component provides different comment options and social integrations (forums, facebook, etc)
Many plugins and modules are available to match your needs.
Users reported needed features and the devs will implement many of them in the new product that is even more promising, I am looking forward to install the stable version once available.

Great components and top support.
Thumbs up Davros!


Considering this extension is in alpha stage its amazing how complete it is. Settting up is pretty straight forward and easy to use. The template system is a breeze and I have designed my own template with little experience. All in all, if you want users to be able to upload videos and the ability to add third party videos without hassle then hwdVideoShare is the one for you.


This is just an impeccable bit of code, how they do it, I dont know. But they have worked out every single nook and cranny to ensure you run a smooth online business. Just amazing. Seriously, the peeps at videoshare are truly outstanding to give this away for free, but I think everyone who uses this seriously should pay their way, I cant imagine how many hours go into building something of this nature, yes It is something from Biblical texts! You have opened up many doors for me to live the life I want, I thank you with my deepest grattitude. Thank you my friends


This is a fantastic component, and just what Joomla needs. (and Community Builder ;-) ). Works and integrates perfectly. Haven't had any major issues at all. Just make sure your host has all the server requirements if you want to convert to FLV.


Although there is a slight learning curve to get the best out of it I absolutely love component. I bought one of the templates and it really does make it a lot easier. Would love to see some dark colored templates soon. Great Job


Impressive component, very impressive component with lots of features while still in alpha release. Some minor problems can't spoil the fun with this component. Great work!


These are very helpful people. The software is good exactly as described and the support is priceless. These are good people to work with. We are very pleased with the support and tools we have received.


If you are looking for the very best solution to date, for putting videos on your site, please don't bother with any other offerings you see in this section.

A little controversial but we spent 3 months as a small business trying to use all the others even asking and paying for help, so called professional help and still nothing to show for our hard earned money and time.

We finally came across HWDMEDIASHARE and we are so glad we did.

We did have a small problem, with our server, nothing to do with their product, but like knights in shining armor they came to the rescue.

The team are dedicated and compassionate, that's very rare these days

So in short this product offers way more than a lot of small business users will need.

But here lies the power, you can choose the features you need and have the ones you don't currently have a use for hidden until you are ready to make use of them on your site.

To anyone that is not techy and just wants video on their site, pay for the install service you won't regret it, but please please check your server has the requirements needed for mencoder etc

If you don't know what I mean just read the documentation and ask your service provider if they support the on the fly encoding and conversion needed.

The templates are worth more than the component on their own, especially the one they call Joomla.

It does a good job of emulating your current design, that's not to say you may not wish to adjust an odd margin here or there but you will be so pleasantly surprised that you will be smiling from ear to ear.

Offering a review for a product sometimes can be a hit and miss affair.

Who do you believe, well trust me this is your answer, buy it today, check your server supports the on the fly encoders they list, pay for the installation and sit back relax and enjoy, loading your videos on your site.

DO NOT, I REPEAT do not waste months like we did, you can put your trust in these guys, they will not let you down.

For those that helped us with our problem at HWDMEDIASHARE, you know who you are, we are so grateful, and I hope this second attempt write a review will send anyone looking for videos on their site to you.

HWD you are real stars and a heartfelt thank you.

tell it as it is

Installed easily on Joomla 1.7 and was easy to implement. Other video extensions I tried didn't have the features found in hwdVideoShare. There is great documentation for helping with setup and for things needed on the hosting server. I did have one minor issue with a couple of buttons which turned out to be a conflict with my Joomla template, but there is great support which helped resolve the issue. The component does what it says.


The program is very very good - best I've tried to date. The support is second to none, very quick, in depth and beyond the norm in terms of willingness to solve any and all issues. Highly recommend them to anybody of any skill level. These guys ROCK!


This free extension is excellent! I received top notch support even though i only got the free version. Everything works smooth and the setup is quite easy. Thanks guys, very much appreciated!


Five stars doesn't really do it justice. Awesome product with excellent support. This is a very powerful bit of kit and as such is not always entirely straightforeward to install. As the makers point out, you will need some IT skills, or a willingness to learn to get this up and running. If chmod or permissions are greek to you then maybe get someone else to do the install (or have a good read of the docs, where they explain everything). However their excellent tech support and clear documentation make the whole process much easier and they do explain from the outset, exactly and clearly what you will need to get this up and running. Even if you are feeling a bit shaky on the IT side the clear and detailed documentation and lively forums are a great opportunity to learn. Also the end result is well worth the effort. And all for only twenty quid! (I've seen more expensive "free" software)


One of the best video extensions around. It's great to see the developer continuing to support this extension and improve on it. The admin of this extension is very extensive, but is bordering on becoming a little complicated. The best feature I find with this extension is it plays external site videos like youtube, locally uploaded video .flv files and also your .swf flash movies. Only thing is the .swf can push righthand modules out of position. I fixed this by placing the player in a table. Overall it's a fairly easy to run extension out of the box.


highly recommended .. simply the best video gallery built for joomla .. and the support which i care about the most before is amazing .. the developer is dedicating his time on developing the component


Fantastic, easy to use component. Very well thought out from both a user's and administrative perspective. Highly recommended to add interactivity and return visits to a website. As good as the component is, the support is even better. I had a few little tweaks and many questions. Dave addressed everything quickly and thoroughly. This component added tremendous value to my website. Thanks so much!


Im a complete Joomla Nube and installing this and customizing it was sooo easy, it's been really reliable and have had no glitches... Very happy customer! Worth every penny.... look forward to any updates...


Great component. Elegantly designed and works very much out of the box. The administration backend has plenty of useful functions and is clear and easy to use. Installation instructions, including those at the server level are very complete and maintained.

I used it for a commercial site and worked without a glitch. Some in these reviews complain about the fact that updates are not free of charge but price is reasonable for the amount of work behind this component.

Certainly recommended.


Well, not ALL went smoothly. the installation did. the component worked perfectly. but hoo no! the titles were a little buggy because i use Hebrew letters. well, support simply took my hwd and user name, logged in, found the bug and squashed it well... like a bug :). friendliest support i had ever seen :). I would probably use it even with the trimmed titles bug but hey, now its even better... :D. 5 stars. and big thanks.


I needed to do a fast Broadcasting awards entry site. So at the heart of the awards engine, I needed a robust all inclusive video handler / converter. I tried them all. Ive been a Joomla designer for years, and there are the ones which work and the ones you mess with. This one is insanely powerful... and up and running for free. A modest fee gets you a host of extra stuff, but nothing that is needed to complete the full on function of the component. It also gives you great tech support. As long as you can deal with the time zone delay, you can depend that a ticket submitted in the evening (US) will be answered by the next morning, and answered well. The server-side conversion has not hiccupped once, and it handles 3000-4000 videos in a few days. Fantastic!


We needed a component that would allow large video uploads which could then be downloaded by registered users... we achieved this with HWDMediaShare, plus got the added benefit of automatic conversion to .flv so visitors can also view online! Very much worth the small licensing fee, and the support was the best we've seen from any other developer out there, and that's no exaggeration. We had some questions along the way and he answered them very quickly, then we ran into what seemed to be a roadblock and he went the extra mile to fix the issue.


Simply one of the best extensions in Joomla, and the best bar none to create a Joomla video gallery. I've used hwdVideoShare and its little brother hwdPhotoShare in more that ten sites and could not be happier. I also run some several big non-Joomla video sites so I know what I'm talking about.

I evaluated other video galleries for Joomla in the past and I regret not going for hwdVideoShare in the first place, as alternatives only proved to be pricey time wasters.

Not being able to post in the forum piss me off a bit, but when I bumped into any issue during my first steps I contacted the developers and they gave me a response within 24 hours, which is remarkable.

If I had to say something negative about the component is that the default template don't look sexy enough with my favourite Joomla templates. If the design was fancier I would rate it as 6 stars.

I bet that webmasters who have published harsh reviews in JED about this extension don't really understand what FREE is (this extension is both free as both free and open source), and never took the time to check if their server met the minimum requirements to run a video gallery or even read the documentation.

Kudos to the hwdVideoShare team for this great component!


I've been cautiously watching the development of hwdvideoshare for months now. Today I went ahead and bought it ($25.28 US...not too bad).

I read the installation guide and forum posts with trepidation: "you'll need to configure servers! and know the ins and outs of Perl!" they all said.

It installed without errors in a minute. I had it stood up and uploaded a video the next minute. I activated the Perl-based uploader a few minutes after that.

It automatically recognized my CB and JComments components.

I'm not on a dedicated server so I lack the fancy tools that REALLY make this a great component. However, my shared server is otherwise configured correctly. I don't get automatic thumbnails or automatic conversions to .flv, but I still think the component is worth it.


I've been working with this plugin, both the free and the pro version, for about a year and a half now, on several sites.

I doubt there's any commercial plugins that have the functionality this one does. And seeing how far it has come in such a short time, gives me confidence that the future is bright.

This plugin is the only free "youtube clone" out there, even outside the world of Joomla, that comes as close in functionality to Youtube itself.

How much would you have to pay to have videos AUTOMATICALLY converting into flv, two sizes of ipod videos, and a small-format mobile video?!?

How about integration with a great community building plugin, Community Builder?

Or your choice of several different players?

Or the best support forum in the business?

Well, ok, so you have to subscribe to the forum in order to post and get upgrades to the "pro" version. Well, all the pro version has that he doesn't give away for free is the monetizing compontent, hwdRevenueShare I think it's called. The guy's gotta eat... he can't give it all away.

I was happy as a free user being able to access the forum at all, along with the documentation. I bought a subscription last year, and now am re-upping.

But you don't have to pay a dime to have a great, fully-functional you-tube clone, using this software. It's easy to install (although, you do need to know something about - and have some control over - the hosting environment your site is in. However, that can be overcome by simply using a host that is set up for this kind of thing, which you can find on google.

One last thing I'll say about this plugin, "OK, I made the good review. Please.... let my family go now." Just kidding. =)

I really can't say enough good about this plugin. I remember working with one that used to be the most popular such plugin on the market, (doesn't even appear here any more!) and Hwd is so much easier. The support is excellent, the development is brisk, and I can't see using anything else for a Youtube clone.


much better than seyret... (module, excellent support) good work!


I've worked with a lot of extensions and have been in software development for years. I have to say this is one of the best designed extensions I've used ever. I had it up and running in minutes and it took no tweaking, no fumbling, no grumbling, and no visits to the forum to work around issues. Kudos to the developer for designing this to avoid headaches on our end and headaches on his or hers, as the case may be.

There was one minor issue I ran into importing from Youtube. It didn't recognize the path I gave it that included the channel user in the url. But I quickly realized this was the difference from the path I gave it that worked and then one that didn't, and rectified the problem by submitting a direct link instead of the nested url. Other than that, perfect!

Thanks for an awesome product and I'm more than thrilled to pass on my recommendation to others. You deserve it!


I did a review myself concerning both hwdVideoShare and it's competitor - Seyret I tried the free versions of both components in order to get some more info from real use. hwdVideoShare seems to be noticeable better than Seyret.


I love this component and all of the extensions that offers. Great documentation - support and quick reply for at least my problems. Upload videos in a few steps and easily to configure everything you want.


Things to say about the component: works out of the box, brilliant support (fixes included) if you have special wishes, looks great on my website and the price is more than fair. Enjoy the component. My first choice!


I must say that this extension is absolutely amazing and works as described.
I did have some minor questions that got resolved in the forums.
I upgraded to the Pro version myself. The developers are constantly in the forums answering anyone's questions about this, so it's well worth it. All documentation about installing the required stuff for converting are easy to understand and it's all written in great detail where even a NOOB Linux/CentOS user like myself can understand it. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to put videos on their site!
Well done to the development team for creating such an awesome component and well organized community on your site for assistance!


For a change a extensions developer who listens to what the users want and develops accordingly, especially Davros is simply amazing... the pricing is also top of the line this component can well be priced at over $75 and still would have takers but its just $30 for 5 site license which is unbelievable considering what the component does and also how helpful these guys are.


The LAST step to getting my sites off of Legacy Mode was a video component to replace Seyret.

*****FOUND IT!*****

An unequivocal AMAZING is my take on this component!

Read the good reviews below. This thing was up and running in less than 10 minutes! Options GALORE! Clean and simple default layout! And it does everything as advertised, AND MORE!

My one dread was re-creating everything I had done in Seyret. Really NOT looking forward to setting up all over again. But it has to be done... WAIT A MINUTE... In the "Import" tab they have a Seyret Import. Okay, but I am sure there will be problems...HOLY CRIMANY! It pulled my entire Seyret system over PERFECTLY.


It's true, HWDMediaShare components are still under development and purchasing them wont avoid you to face little bugs with it. Although, I'm rating it 5 stars! Why? because the components are at the point other components are at also, if not more developed especially with the RevenueManager component you get for free (others didn't develop it). If you are scared of the "bugs"...the Highwood media share forum will kill them in 24 hours for you, with personal service and support. What would you ask for more? If not convinced about it, the component is not made for you so simply.


I love hwdVideoShare because I always wanted to have a video site. HwdVideoShare fully meet my expectations. I just LOVE hwdVideoShare


I have been using this component for about two weeks so far and it has been a great addition to my site. Also, it has been rock solid, even for an alpha release, as I have not had any problems with it whatsoever. Well worth the modest price asked for the pro version to get the additional modules and features!


This extension does exactly what it is supposed to do, and it works like a charm. The documentation and support is flawless. People who rate this low because it's "not free" are simply wrong, and should explain themselves. The extension is completely free. I'd like to point out that I'm running this on a virtual Windows 2008 server, and it works fine. I encountered a few bugs in the beginning, but the support team was really helpful and squashed them for me. Note that running a video community is more difficult than running a regular Joomla site for obvious reasons. However, hwdVideoShare is easy to use once installed. I know of no other real alternatives when it comes to running a video community on Jooomla. This extension is all you need, really. Great extension, documentation and support.


I just want to tell others users, that's a huge component, excellent with the new update (Menon) it works like a charm on my site and very easy to upgrade. It take time to configure, but works perfectly for me.... thx again.


This is the best video component for Joomla. I've used Seyret and the Jomsocial video application and they both fall short of hwdVideoShare.

The admin interface is a little overwhelming at first but after you take a spin through all the options, it's easy to understand/navigate. They've thought of everything from HTML5 support to HD video support... it's all there.

For those that mentioned the lack of support for non-paying members, you should really pay for a subscription. Issues are resolved within 24 hours of posting a problem/question and the developers treat you with respect. As complex as the component is, I'm amazed at how fast they respond to support requests.

Con: To fully enjoy all the features of the component, you'll need a dedicated server (or VPS). It still works in a shared environment but you'll want the performance/flexibility a dedicated environment allows.

This is the best video component for Joomla - download and give it a try - you won't be sorry.


I was watching videos at another site and found out they were using this component. So I went and bought it to use on my own site. I've been trying a lot of the free ones but for the price this is worth every penny. Not only is it professional looking but it works well for what I needed. A+ to the devs for functionality, ease of use, ease of install and templating system.


I am very impressed. I must share with you this beautiful, clean and functioning application. And... above all; when I got into a technical problem I received fast and efficient support that solved my problem in no time. Thank you guys. Well done.


Nice component cool addition to my website where videos are going to be a real important feature since we are going to broadcast online shows. It's a nice community on the support-forum, and support is good and fast, by the admin and users. The developer is even trying to implement some suggestions I made for the component, and really does his best to make this as good in the way his users would like to see this! A big A/10+ for the support and work of the developer! Looking forward to see my suggestions in it!


I'm very, very happy with this component. The support is quick and very helpful. I think its Great!!


I don't like to put to much importance and emphasis on Support because it must be hard to code any component, but when something catastrophic happens to you're site and you need help I can assure you at HWD your guaranteed to get it. Firstly if you're looking for a dynamic video gallery to trial then check out this place, they have an excellent free version you can use with not much limits on the free version but for a small amount of cash you can have the full version and excellent support. PROS: It can do more than some more bloated highly priced components found in the extension list here. Excellent support. The new version comes with extra goodys free of charge like an image gallery etc; CONS: It's still in early development, but could be taken another way showing you what they can do in short term.


THIS SHOULD BE EDITORS PICK! One of the MOST powerful video components! Yet simple and easy for use (this is brilliant)!!! What is on the other side when the word comes to support and improvement than I am giving my vote again to HWDMediashare ;) I did not even pay for pro subscription (to get support and some extra plugins) but I only translated the component and they offered to give me pro subscription only for sharing the language files. If you have problem expect that they will ask access to your site... they will inspect locate and fix the problem very fast... (I even had problem with other component nothing related with HWD, in the way they located and fixed the problem). All this kindness made me feel bad lol... they are to kind (typical UK) :D Thank you very much for this great component!


We had some difficulty with installation, partly having to do with our own server settings, and partly having to do with the source code's inability to deal with those settings. When we asked for help, we received it, and they were very prompt in delivering it. We gave them FTP and admin access for diagnostics purposes. They fixed our problem, and more importantly, they rewrote their source code to better handle our type of situation in the future. Our installation now works as advertised. You can't get any better service than that!


This really is a very good product. It's really simple to upload videos and display them nicely categorized, complete with a description, title and length of the movie. In addition, they have great support. Even if you're using the free component (which really is 100% free, don't know where the review before me got the idea that it isn't) you get support. I know, because I needed some help and emailed them. A ticket was made and within 48 hours my problem was solved. The free version does show the logo of the makers below the video, but it's not disturbing at all in my opinion and for a component like this, I think you're entitled to show your logo if you're handing it out for free.


I am very impressed by this Highwood component. It works, offers lots of features and does what it has to do. I've used the (paid) installation service and am very happy with their service. Fast, tidy, correct and again... it works!


This component is the best I've found for videos. I wanted something that would let people both upload videos and link them from other sources. It also needed to be easy to use, since one of my clients is a 13-year-old singer. This component fits the bill. There was an issue with the component and one server I was using, so I contacted the developer about it with the error message and he wrote back very quickly and explained what the problem was. I am going to work around the problem just so I can use this component again. Note: the problem isn't one that many others will likely encounter; it seems to be specific to my host.


I trialled several video solutions while setting up my site and opted for hwdvideoshare not only because it has great options and configurability, but because of the support. Queries are answered and if the developer can, he'll work on a fix for you. It's not perfect but what is? Plus, their willingness to adopt and develop integration with Jomsocial makes this a winner! If you want video on your site, this is the best out there in my opinion.


I discovered this extension by accident during my Christmas break and thought that it might be fun to try it out and see if it could be used on a site for teachers (as I work in education). At that point, I had no experience of installing / using Joomla at all. Over the space of a few days, I had Joomla up and running and this extension installed. The process was pretty straightforward (even with my limited experience) and the site I developed is now in active use by hundreds of teachers each day. The extension is fantastic and although I'm not using everything that it can do, it's been a wonderful tool which is easy to manage and is extremely powerful. The support from their forums is fantastic too - highly recommended!


This is the best solution for video galleries period. Support is top notch, post your problems on the forum and the dev gets back to you with solutions or offers to fix it for you. I've used both this and Seyret and there is no comparison. If you are on the fence and undecided which one to choose don't think twice and go with hwd you won't be disappointed.


It is not very often that one comes across an extension that is so well made: does what it is supposed to do, is highly configurable, easy to administer, easy to use on the front end, and looks great. And not to mention, has such a phenomenal level of support. I've had a few issues and after posting on the support forum, the programmer was quick to help troubleshoot and, if necessary, even log in and fix whatever it was. I have never encountered such a level of customer service with any Joomla! plugin-in, component or extension! It is really worth the small fee for this product, I don't know how I lived without it for so long. My sincere kudos, gratitude and appreciation to Davros. All I can say is, "Well done!"


Superb component - I dropped Seyret and I am using this one, its bugs free, has lot of features and new updates are published every week Superb support - I've never seen such a support in my Joomla experience before! Davros fixed things, adding suggested features, and the best of all, posts never remain unanswered. I just love this component. It rocks!


This is without doubt the best video extension out there and I have tried most of them!!! What makes it the best is that it is under active development and the the developer listens to his community and adds features that are requested. There were several features I needed for my project so I posted a few proof-of-concept hacks on the forum. They are now fully integrated features in the core so I can continue to upgrade without worrying! This really is an outstanding example of software organically evolving to fit its users needs. Keep up the great work!


Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that if you need video on your web site, you found the right component. Dave is very responsive (even though he has tons of posts in the forum), quick to fix problems and overall the community is growing and a few of us are really behind this component to make it fully multilingual and to propose new templates (or help with your designs). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Better than the jomtube and has more functions liked rtmp feature Thanks for such a good component till for video gallery


Here is something that is really good, a video component that already has the most and have a great future for themselves, not least for us users.

I have the following experience, after I bought their installation service and Pro subscribed.

1. Fast and professional service.
2. Personal and friendly staff.
3. Stable and functional component (although alpha stage).
4. Superb service with installation on my server the necessary software to exploit hwdVideoShare fully, a 100 points.
5. Support forum where there is help around the clock, it seems that, one wonders if they never sleeps!
6. Most importantly, you are guaranteed never left behind out there in the dark without the help and support.

No and again no, I is not bought by Highwood Design, only an incredibly satisfied customer / user.


I tried several other video programs before coming across hwdVideoShare. Installation was the typical download and install like any other Joomla component. After installation and first seeing all of the configuration options, I was expecting to spend a long night trying to set it up and integrating it into my site. I was wrong because it was fairly easy to configure. I believe it took about 20 minutes before I had a couple of test videos already added and working. A big plus with hwdVideoShare is the number of ways you can add videos. Not only can you upload videos from your computer or from a 3rd party like YouTube, but you can ftp, scan a directory on your computer, add from a remote, SQL import, and the one which hooked me was CSV imports. With this I can batch import numerous videos at one time. I really like how it imports the description, tags, and comments from videos off of YouTube. Saves a lot of time not having to do this manually. It even adds the comments which gives the appearance that someone else has already viewed and replied to the video. I did have a few questions but didn't have to contact their support. A quick search on what seemed to be an active support forum popped up some topics already answering my questions. All in all, this is a really great video sharing extension. It has a lot of features and is fairly easy to configure. I liked it so well I went ahead and purchased a Pro subscription to have access to their additional plugins, modules, and integration with JomSocial. I'll admit compared to Seyret, the free version appears to be lacking in some areas, but after installing the additional modules and plugins which came with the Pro subscription, in my opinion hwdVideoShare is the better product.


I was first not sure which video component to get for our church website. I was stuck between both Seyret Video and hwdMediaShare. But after reading the reviews it seemed that hwdMediaShare came out on top.

Not only because of the native 1.5 integration into the site, but the "special ads" Seyret was trying to hock didn't sit to well with me.

Now, after I installed hwdMediaShare on our site, I had some problems. But I left a message on the boards about it an within hours Davros said he would take care of it and it works amazing!

So with the component, the subscription and the hands on service hwdMediaShare wins without a doubt.

the Peacemaker

You can get by without buying the support subscription, and probably be just fine. I mainly bought the subscription as a way of donating. This is a great project, and needs to stay alive. But the support and nightly builds have come in handy. And really, $78 for a year and unlimited domains... not too shabby. I'm convinced Dave is a genius. I'm also convinced he never sleeps. This is getting worked on constantly, that's one reason the nightly builds are important. It offers integration with a number of other products, and a number of products offer integration with HWD, making the sustained existence of this project important. Support requires patience, but they never failed to answer my concerns, and they even did some of the work for me once when I wasn't able to fix a problem. They added a video player with scroll bar which was a must... but the look needs to be improved. An all around great extension(s).


Don't take my word for it just browse through their forums, great component, great support, I'll say jump on this cause the price should go up. Did I mention the costumer service? I will.


I spent a month purchasing and downloading plugis, components and modules and ran them on a test database to be sure that everything worked as it should (and they were what I needed) before I committed to building my site. So I feel compelled to write a review to help others in their decisions. Of all the video upload extensions available, this is simply the best one. On the face of it, the others may look nice but when you get into them, they are nothing but grief - conflicts with IONCUBE, JQUERY and so on. But this ran smoothly and was compatible with all my other site extensions - there are over 50! The ability to customise is easy and the incorporation of CB (via the CB HwdVideoShare Completely AJAX plugin) and jComments was simple with excellent 'hassle-free' results. Don't bother looking any further as this component is everything you need for video upload, sharing and creating a community like YouTube.


Flexability, customization, and unbelieveable support, exactly what i was looking for for my site. Highwood Design hwdmediashare component is the only media component you will need.


This is a great component and they have a great service! Value for money!


I tried the component that calls itself "the first video plugin for Joomla" and got the impression that they had abandoned the support in favor of developing a pretty interface that I could barely get working. So I searched and found this plugin, and wow, it's pretty amazing. The developers call it an "alpha" product, but I've had no troubles with it at all, other than minor issues that are resolved quickly. The developers really know their stuff, and their support forum has what I consider an unprecedented level of support for such an inexpensive pro version. "That other" video component used to break the themes I was trying. This one seems to fit in a lot better. I can't say enough good things about this component and I highly recommend it.


I have used many different video components on Joomla sites and HWD is by far the best. Brilliant functionality, so robust, and their support rocks. Can't recommend it highly enough.


I will rank it as an Excellent amongst all video components... This lightweight component does very fine job in terms of usability, GUI, and reliability. Support is excellent. I believe in near future we will have much more to see.


Great add on and well worth the upgrade fee, well done hwdMediaShare.


I have been disappointed by so many extensions that fail or have no support that I can't begin to say how excellent the support for this product has been. Fast, direct and personal attention by the developer made the difference for me between hwdVideoShare and a few other products I was testing. I wanted to stick with a Joomla solution for video sharing and the developer of hwdVideoShare made me glad I did.


Perfect, does the job, easy installation, easy set up, great documentation, exactly what I needed! Perfect for any video gallery (and looks great too). What a wonderful Extension. (and nobody paid me to write this :) Thank you so very much!


First off, this is the best product out there as you aren't limited to the types of sites you can use this on. If you read the TOS for the other product you are limited. Support is great and the programmer is very nice and fast. Product is light weight and robust. My users can upload 2gigs at a time worth of videos. The interface is robust with lots of features. Documentation is great.


The best video gallery and sharing component I have seen, also the Community Builder plugins are excellent. Everything installed with no problems at all. Support is excellent, I contacted them about extended functionality of the content plugin, received a fast response and the modifications were added to the next nightly build. Worked perfectly. Thanks for a brilliant component, worth every penny.


For an alpha version this component is incredible. Thumbs up. The install process was extremely easy so thanks for that I am using this on Joomla 1.5 and I have had a lot of issues with other components that claims that they are native but this one was actually true. Thanks and keep up the good work.


This is probably the best video sharing product available!!!


I tested so many video galleries, but after all I can say, that hwdVideoshare is the best. Also the forum support is great and very, very fast!!! All of my problems have been solved in a few minutes! What more can I say? :-)


This is the best video program for Joomla. I suggest buying the Pro, it's not much money and it won't make you go broke. The pro version comes with revenue manager which is an excellent tool if you want to make money off your videos. It's easy to use and easy to customize!


This component is great, fairly easy to set up and a lot of fun once it's running. I had some minor issues with the configuration and found the support pretty good. Clearly written code made making my own modifications very straightforward. If you want some YouTube-like features on your site, check this out.


I was expecting tons of setup and troubleshooting time with this, and nothing of a sort happened. I installed the com and plug-ins and was adding youtube videos 5 minutes later! The template it came with was actually the pefect color match to my site so I was even fine with that. I haven't tried the mencoder/ffmpeg local conversions but I really don't need this for that. The youtube adding function works well enough.


I tried several extensions, hwdVideoShare and the hwdMediaShare really rocks!!!! Also it support jomcomment or CB.


Terrific extension! Works right out-of-the-box, does what it promises, although Alpha no bugs detected so far! If only I could get ffmpeg etc. working on a shared-hosting environment, but that's my problem... Thanx a lot, indeed!


I've been trying different components but the best is this. hwdVideoShare have almost everything to make a full media site... congratulations and the support is excellent I'll suggest always this great component.


As I was trying to make a video gallery for my website, I did a very good research for the best way to do that. Highwood Design Video Share is the best I found and I'm already using it. It lets your users to upload or "embed" their favorite videos, so you don't have to do anything. It has many many parameters to suit everyone's needs but it is easy to install, easy to get the idea about how it works and easy to configure. The support also seems to be great and fast. With your subscription you get the all-in-one package (component, modules, templates, plugins...) so you don't have to search and download every extra thing that you need. For the money you give, you get many many good stuff! well done guys, keep up the good job!


My site has over 1,600 registered members, and they love using this component. If you are looking for a component where members can add their own videos to their profile or to your site, then there is no better solution than hwdVideoShare. This is a professionally made component that meets a true need in the Joomla community.

Furthermore, I had a problem with the implementation of the component, and received direct assistance from their crew. They literally logged in, did all the necessary repairs for me, and just emailed me when it was fixed. Didn't cost $.01, and works like a charm. Unbelievable customer service, and a great component!


This is the best video component I've ever seen and tried. The system of categories and groups is great and the pro version is really incredible! Thanks!!


This is a great component. Although still with a few bugs, the developer is rock-solid in their response and offers support I have not found on any other joomla extension. Most times you post something in a forum and hope and pray the developers might get back to you... these guys do and usually within the day, I don't think they ever sleep.

The component has a very clean and easy admin panel, uploading is a snap and looking at the upgrades to come, this one is well worth the investment.


I've purchased the license for 5 sites. Worked Amazing in one of the sites, and when I had errors in another site, I went to the support forum and the support was one of the best I've found in all the support forums of the Joomla Components I've tried. The Definitive Video Gallery Component for Joomla. That's it. Excelent Work. Sorry, Amazing Work. And it can be Better!


Been using this component almost from day 1 of its existence, and have contributed quite a bit of feedback on their site. Response from developer is good, and development is pretty active.

Feature requests generally make it in, and bug fixes are usually pretty quick. The feature set has gotten more robust as development had continued, and I expect it to get even better.

Not only did I donate for the Pro version, I've made a few EXTRA donations just because it's such a useful piece of software!


This is a great component, the results are amazing with very little effort. I did have some bumps setting up the path to some directories, I have windows server and every time I tried to enter the paths on the server settings, it would save the path with strange characters, I had to modify the configuration fields and set the variable manually, but the developers did warn about being in the beta stage. This is a minor issue, comparing the nice outcome.


When I first started using this component I was very happy to have a great video share component in my Joomla website.

Now, I think they do a brilliant job with the upgrades, every day better. They have one of the best support I ever seen.

I don't even mention the price. Is just like you buy a beer to a friend!

Regards, R


I don't post reviews unless I'm really satisfied, or dissatisfied with an extension. I have to say that I am VERY satisfied with this one. This extension not only met, but exceeded my expectations. I had been using seyret for a long time, but I have switched permanently to hwdVideoShare. Imagine my suprize when I was able to import all of my videos from seyret to hwdVideoShare. Thanks for a great component! Keep up the good work.


I was ready to rate it as "Good" but changed my mind since this video component is excellent for the money it costs. Forum support is good even though there is only one guy behind it while at the same time the plugins offered are really interesting. If he manages to make some more changes like having categories and subcategories, easy to use and edit template system and getting a native 1.5 version then this component will be the best without any doubt.


The script is just excellent! Worthy to be anywhere.


One word sums it all up. It has all basic function to kick start. I tried Seyret Video Component first but cant make it to work. Tried free one impressed and upgraded to PRO version. Basic is good, but it would need a lot work to include more features. For now this is the best one out there.

Hoping that developers will improve and provide more enhanced versions with more options.


This is by far one of the best components I have used with my Joomla website production. At first, I downloaded the free version and was disappointed to see that it included no modules, plugins, or anything like that. I was so impressed with it and needed the modules and plugins that I actually bought the full version and subscription (this is the first time I have ever bought a Joomla component). It was a good price when comparing to other video components (and I compared ALL of them). Plus, at the time I bought it, it allowed 6-10 or unlimited site licensees at a VERY reasonable price. After purchasing the pro subscription, I downloaded the package which contained the component, lots of modules, and plugins. It was ready to go right out of the box and there are even 5 templates as well! And, on the plus side, I have asked numerous questions on their support forums to get a response from their support team right away. I have been very impressed by the component AND the support team backing it. This IS the video component for Joomla and, again, I have researched all of the other video components and this one is definitely the best.


I was well pleased with this extension, Its easy to install, an endless amount of customizations, does a lot/most of the work for you if you are putting together a media/voter based website. This was well worth the pro version. I mean it is great, and good customer support too. You will need system level access to the server if you wish to stream videos directly from the website, otherwise you can still use videos hosted elsewhere. Helped me beat a deadline for one of my clients by weeks. This is basically a turnkey solution to any common video/community website. Works awesome with CB too! I give credit where its due, its pretty friggin awesome.


I'd first like to thanks Highwood Design for the great work on hwdMediaShare Pro. It definitely boosted my gallery and video section on my website which was severely lacking with other components. I would highly suggest to anyone who is looking for a much more modern and interactive media site (even for communities as myself) to purchase the hwd subscription for hwdMediaShare Pro.


This video-component is really amazing, it's excellent for a video-websites and it can convert a lot of video-formats automatically. For a very reasonable fee you get a membership so you can download the version without any restrictions.

The optional installation service is great. In spite of some problems in the beginning, HighWood Design did everything to finish the job on my server correctly and the result is fantastic. They also gave good information and explanation during the whole process, so I'm a very happy user of hwdVideoShare!


Great component ! For me it's the best video sharing extension for Joomla. It's easy to install, contains a lot of parameters for customization and it has a very good support/forum.


I purchased the extremely cheap subscription so that I could get all of the documentation and extra features. I was amazed by the amount of work that has gone into this project.

Setup is a bit involved but anyone familiar with Linux will get it going.

So now we have user uploads of many video types and all re-encoded on the fly by the server to your own specifications.

Does exactly what it says on the tin ;-)

Simply amazing


This has to be one of the very best components out there. I tried a load of them and this came out tops in every department. It's ability to interface with Community Builder and display all the users videos in one place makes it perfect for my needs. When I had a support query it was answered literally within seconds of my posting it, with clear concise instructions, not just some link to a huge document. 5 Stars all around.


hwdVideoShare is the best video share component for Joomla.

It could even be developed as a runtime application and should be superior to ClipShare, PHPMotion, AlstraSoft and many others.


Brilliant software, amazing quality service and support 5 stars! First off the software itself is very VERY good. It does exactly what it says on the 'box' and a WHOLE LOT more. Turns your site into a Youtube type video site, in fact I found it to actually be better in spec to Youtube. Its highly configurable and the backend is also VERY well set out. We'd had problems with FFMPEG installation on our server but these guys had us up and running in 48 hours. Our site is also a busy community for alternative people and runs Jomsocial. There were quite a few functions missing to truly integrate HWD with Jomsocial. However after a few emails Dave from HWD had written us a Jomsocial hack to fully integrate HWD to the front page of Jomsoacial = AWESOME!


This little beauty does everything you could need for a film website. I've been looking for something like this for ages and its well worth a look. The free version alone is good and its well worth buying the upgrade.

Anyone who wants to make a film site should use this.


An absolutely superb extension that is equaled only by the support you will receive. Many thanks to Davros and the team for the almost instant support, fantastic extension and the best level of service I've experienced from any joomla developer.


No doubts I'll give 5 stars to hwdVideoShare component. Easy to setup - many video formats (mpg, mpeg, avi, divx, mp4, flv, wmv, rm, mov, moov, asf, swf and vob) - ajax upload system (even with the FREE edition!!!) - personal FLV player for uploaded videos! Yes! You can use your own personal FLV player Awesome! - Integrates like a charm with CB, JomComment and Adsense - templates use plugin system! great idea! - developer is open to suggestions and he REALLY gives support!!

Upcoming release will also feature members' playlists and XML support! Wow! Just W O W!!

Being a pro-member to many Joomla components I assure you'll get REAL and FREE support @ highwood design forums! And considering the support is also for FREE members, well...what you're waiting for? Grab this component and start playing with it, now!

Oh...did I mention the PRO version costs ONLY 22$/year?! Dudes, are you serious?! ONLY 22$/years!? It's a bargain! GET it NOW!!


Thanks, Thanks, million times thanks for your unbelievable extension... I am involved more than 4 years with joomla and your component works great with joomla. You guys deserve all the best. Your hosting company must have FFMPEG for this product to work with. It is so easy to build youtube alike web site with this product.


First of all, let me say installing the component is easy and problem-free. Getting the necessary software in place to do the conversions is another thing - of course this has nothing to do with the developer of this component though. If you are wanting people to upload in all the supported formats - avi, mpeg, rm, divx, etc. either make sure the host you are using has ffmpeg, ffmpeg-php, and the other requirements in place (not supported by most shared hosts). If your host does not have these preinstalled and you don't have shell access...don't bother.

If you do have shell access and want to install all the software yourself and you're not a command-line wiz, be prepared for a rather steep learning curve. Most shared hosts with ssh access won't let you install software server-wide but only in your own account, this means that all of the tutorials out there for installing FFMPeg etc will need to be modified depending on your specific server environment. If you are only doing it once and don't have time to learn, pay the guys at Highwood to do it for you and save a lot of blood & sweat. Since I'm the DIY type and keen to learn I did it myself...400 megs of software & 1 month later its all working, I know a whole lot more about video encoding and Linux command-line.

Very nice perl uploader progress bar, social networking plugins, group creation & management, slick interface.

In summary - highly recommended component, support and price. Looking forward to the future of this component and others these guys kick out. Cheers


A great component with potential to become a classic. Support is also good and informative. The best video share component I have found so far.


I'm stunned at the competence of this developer. He's assembled a ferocious bundle of code to provide real 21st century functionality. This should be part of the Joomla core code IMHO. He even answered my question in 15 minutes. Doesn't he sleep?

Once again, congratulations and well worth the money. I hope he sells thousands.


Support is superb ! One of the best component for anyone looking to start video sharing websites. Dave You Are The Best! Thanks for all your support and help. Keep up the good work.


Everything works with this component. They also have some great support from the developers. Though I was able to compile FFMPEG on my server myself, I respect the services they offer in tandem to using this component and highly recommend them if you have any problems with converting videos. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra bucks to get the pro version. Allowing the CB plugins integration will allow for a very rich social networking site. Very excited to follow the roadmap of this project.


Best video sharing component for community sites


The hwdVideoShare extension works great. The service they provided to install the required converting software onto my server went very smooth. Well worth the $. Very professional work and communication!


Great component, great support... what else to say? Nothing I've been using hwdMediaShare for over 6 months and it's always been improving, and they're listening to users expectations... Special thanks to davros for the support! If you're looking for a video component : this is the one !


This thing is all out awesome. I was scared at first when I could not get the mencoder working correctly on the server but Dave from HWD went in and fixed everything. I recommend this extension. I was so impresses with this extension and support I kicked the dude 20 extra bucks because customer support is a forgotten trade!


This is an excellent program. Easy to install and soo much configuration that was a breeze once you read, lol. But I would definitely suggest this to others and use it again on other sites I design. Thanks for the incredible work. Thinking I'll update by going pro to unlock more features thanks again.


Although it takes a bit of fiddling around to get the component running correctly, once it is it is AWESOME! I've just today got mine running and I am currently customizing the look of it to suit my site which is easy!

If you looking for a video sharing solution for your site, don't go back HWD!


The hwdVideoShare component is an excellent component, well... Let me just say that a year ago, there was a choice I had to make between the Seyret component or HWDVideo. I had chosen Seyret because at that time it was the better choice... But now I had made the migration to HWD because HWD has vastly improved and I can honestly say it has become the more dominant component. The support is excellent and that has got to count for something and their team of experts are constantly working hard to perfect this component. Although there are some minor bugs and issues, I still have faith in this component. I definitely recommend this component to anyone who wants to add value to their user experience.


Not much to say ... it's excellent!

Experience and Usage = 5 stars

What is the killer feature? = Easy to use in frontend, Cool design. Easy to install. They improve it day by day...


Ive Tried them all and this is by far the best video component, but what really sets thes guys apart is the AWESOME support - Hard to find good support around most of these products. Highwood Design support is VERY refreshing!


I've operating a constant survey about video components within Joomla for two years. tried about everything listed here, and some others more. What hwdVideoShare does is exactly what I was looking for!

IMO, the component structure deals with coding standards and security, which are my great concerns! While there's a lot of work to do, bugs, translations and features, the way it runs right now, in Alpha release, is very promising for the future. Support is fast and nice, and developers are fast guys too!!

Regarding the subscription cost, it doesn't bother me at all, as I am a partisan of the Bazar rather than the cathedral!! For those who don't want to subscribed, why don't you buy a proprietary software license?


hwdVideoShare is an easy to use and very flexible component. Both the support and development on it are simply great, and this is easily the best video sharing component out there. Great work!


This component is excellent and the customer support outstanding. I has a problem installing and the guys at Highwood spent a day working on the site. Just amazing.


Worth every cent and truly spectacular support.


It seems great, and support is very responsive! It only deserves 1.5 native support and JoomFish as well... the fee is very reasonable.


The more complicated the task, the more fearful us noobs get when it comes to using something new but, I downloaded, installed and had my first youtube video up and runing all in less than 5 or ten minutes with out having to read anything. I love extensions like these that do what they say with ease. Thank you so much developer. I tried other software like this and it failed. Your worked like a charm. I am very happy and that is why I had to write my review. 2 THUMBS UP! Excellent!


I can only recommend this product to all of you who are looking for a good and cheap video sharing script for Joomla.

Davros, thanks for all your help, your script and service is just great!


This is the best video component for joomla. The support is great and they always work to improve the product. The personalized service is what made me stay with this and it works and looks great.


This extension is by far the best in its category!!! I've tried Seyret among others for months but only now I got THE video extension. Very feature rich, very easy to install and setup.

It does have some bugs, but the developers are VERY helpful!!! And the product is under a continuous improvement, they DO listen to the customers feedback and are always including bug fixes and new features in the new releases.

I recommend it!

Peace, Alex (from Brazil)


The com is really superb. Within a week a realized a complete video channel for my website. Low costs, no ads (with commercial JW player license), great to implement and a nice admin area. The com comes with all the basic features you need together with lot's of modules and plugins (language, 3rd party compatibility etc). Integration into our template went smooth. Unfortunately the design is not tableless. Support it fast and efficient via a ticket system. I also have the idea development is working hard on improvements and new versions. Overall I certainly would advice this com to others. It's maybe the best there is for a Joomla! video channel...


Perfect just perfect. This is awesome, I now have my own YouTube. Loads of features and great support! Thank you...


This is a very excellent component. I downloaded it with the intention to place a video gallery on my website solely with youtube videos, but with the occasional hosted video. I like the ability to place youtube videos in a custom player and the option to choose said player. It was also very easy to edit the buttons to a different color using MS paint. It is thoroughly configurable and is very easy to configure parameters and access control on any scale. I was not able to test the uploading feature, as my server doesn't support conversions.


This is exactly what I required. I have tried other options and this is by far the best. Quick, simple and effective. No I dont want another YouTube Site but I do want to integrate video into a professional network site. This IS it. Yes there are a few bugs, like the problem with IE7 but for now it seems that they are replying and reacting quickly in the forum. One to watch out for! Thanks guys!


You can have a YouTube-like site up and running in a matter of minutes in a shared hosting environment. I first tried the free version and used a webhosts recommended by the developer. I've been very happy with my webhost for many years and was reluctant to use one unknown to me, but my webhost does not have FFMPEG installed on shared hosting accounts. The one I ended up using not only has everything needed to run this component but also has a php upload limit of 500MB and excellent support as well. Enough about the webhost, the component is awesome. It worked right out of the box and any questions or glitches I had were answered promptly via the forum. I was very pleasantly surprised. I wanted to make some customizations to the layout and found modifying the code to be easy enough. This is fantastic for a free component and the Pro version was only US$32. Quite a value! Thank you!


oh my god you make my dream come true

i wanna video on-demand component but have only one it's achtube and them cant try demo yes not free too :(

but you hit it!!! i love this component i dont know it will work or not

but thank you so much for sharing and make opensource still be opensource :)


Kudos to the HWD team; A splendid job is what I call it! I have been building this community site for my customer and had a new requirement to build a media sharing portal. I tried several open source options and failed to get what I wanted. I was hesitant in using HWD, but once I installed it and started using it, I loved it. Trust me it had a lot more feature than I expected and it works like a charm. I had a couple of trivial issues, but their support team is just instrumental in what they do. They logged into my account, set things straight. If you are looking for a good component for media sharing, try HWD you WILL be pleased.


Spending over a year searching out a clean Joomla component that handles uploading, conversion, display and management of User submitted videos, I found this one.. and this one beats all...

Its clean, it works and its feature rich... Still in Alpha, but it blows away attempts it's competitors releasing their stable final release products...

Goodbye Seyret, Goodbye Zoom Gallery (not really being developed anymore anyway)... Hello hwdVideoShare...

Makes your Joomla.... Youtube!.. Thanks guys


I was searching for a component that did both; video and photo. I installed it and it worked great. Had to ask some details, and honest, the support is great. Great!!


This is without question the best video extension available!

What makes it so good is that it is being actively development and the developer listens to this community and adds features that are requested. I have requested several features that are now in the core for everyone to enjoy, you can't get better then that!

This really is an outstanding example of agile software development that follows all of Joomla's concepts and makes full use of the framework!

Keep up the incredible work!!!