It is our responsibility to provide open, transparent and legal media sharing software. We are committed to this objective.


Accepting feedback through a web page and providing mechanisms for people to report defects is one thing. Allowing everyone else to see that feedback and all those defects is another, much more uncomfortable step for software development companies like HWDMediaShare. However, we are happy to providing a public forum where people can openly criticize and contribute to the design and implementation of the software. This is not necessarily because we are confident there are no defects, it is because we understand openness is important. If the project administrators do not provide mechanisms for people to communicate openly amongst themselves there can be no community.


Transparency is the ability of the community to see what's going on. Without transparency it is hard to grow a community. Transparency and openness are not the same thing. A glass door is transparent but whether it is open or not is a different matter.


Sharing media online is extremely popular and unfortunately there is widespread copyright violation when users intentionally and unintentionally share images, audio and videos to which they do not own the copyright. Additionally, users (and developers) frequently attempt to exploit the services provided by large media sharing websites.

As open source software developers, we can not control the usage of our products. However, when we integrate with third party services such as Youtube, we will only develop software that complies with third party terms of service.