The Soundcloud jPlayer module for Joomla is a stand alone extension that displays audio from the Soundcloud network. It is possible to display single tracks, playlists and users, with a HTML5 compatible audio player. Our Joomla module allows you to insert the audio in any module position, on any page of your website.

This documentation is written for Joomla 3, and refers to the HWD Soundcloud jPlayer module that is compatible with Joomla 3.

Installing the module

To install the Soundcloud jPlayer module, visit your Joomla administrator page and go to the Extension manager.

From the Extension Manager, click on the Browse button to locate the installation file downloaded from HWDMediaShare. The file will be called Once selected, click on the Upload & Install button.

After a few moments, you should see a success message.

Enable the module

After you have successfully installed the module, you should visit the Joomla module manager, and enable the module to show on your website.

Joomla will create an unpublished copy of the module in your module manager. You can select this module and configure it to show on your website.

To display the module on the site, you need to enable it, assign it to a module position and then assign it to pages on the website.

Creating new copies of the module

You can also create new copies of the module which can be displayed in other module positions or in other pages. Click on the New button from the module manager, then locate and select the HWD Soundcloud jPlayer module from the list of types of modules.

Configure the module parameters

After you have enabled the module and configured it to display on the website, you should review all other parameters are setup as needed.

Choosing the Soundcloud audio to display

Soundcloud URL

This option allows you to enter the URL containing the audio you want to display. Using the URL of a single track will insert one track. Using the URL of a user, set or playlist will insert multiple tracks.


Choose between Light or Dark themes for the player.


Choose between Horizontal or Vertical layouts for the player. See the examples page for demonstrations of both layouts. 

Max Width

Define a maximum width (in pixels) for the player. This is useful for controlling the display of the player when used in full width module positions.


View Live Examples


Showing the module in articles and other content

You can also show the module in a Joomla article, and any other Joomla content which supports content plugins. To do this, visit the Joomla plugin manager, and check the plugin called "Content - Load Modules" is enabled.

When this plugin is enabled, you can use it to insert any module position into an article. The following is an example of the code you would use to insert the module in the position custom2 into an article.

{loadposition custom2}

Remember, when you configure the module you can create any custom position by typing a new position name into the module position field and pressing the Enter button.

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