JW6, the newest version of the JW Player from Longtail comes with built-in support for the two leading video ad frameworks: VAST / VPAID and Google IMA.



In order to start running video ads in JW Player and HWDMediaShare, you need:

  • A valid license for the Ads edition of JW Player. The lower tier editions do not support advertising. See the JW Player pricing page for more info.
  • A valid subscription for the HWDMediaShare Addon Pack.
  • A working ad tag from an ad server, in either VAST/VPAID or Google IMA format. See the JW Player Supported Ad Formats for details.

Understanding VAST and how to obtain an ad tag

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released a specification known as the Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) to standardize the communication requirements between video players and the ad servers.

To date, the VAST standard has been released in four versions - 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 and 2.0.1. Open Video Ads supports all four versions of the standard. For more reading on topic, please see this article.

To deliver a video ad within a video player, the video player makes an ad request using an Ad Tag to a VAST compliant ad server.

An ad tag is a simple HTTP based URL that typically appears as follows:


In response, the ad server returns a VAST data structure, which will result in a video advert being shown in the video player.

Before you can start to show video adverts, you must either:

  1. Signup to a service provider that can give you a valid Ad Tag
  2. Install your own advert server, and configure it as required to produce your own Ad Tag.

Basic Setup

In the Joomla Plugin Manager, search for a plugin called Content - JW Player. Edit the plugin, and in the parameters open the Plugin Options tab. As shown in the screenshot below, select the type of ad server framework you want to implement. 


Then enter your Ad Tag as shown below, and save your settings.


Sample Ad Tag (for testing)

If you would like to test the advert solution but do not have your own Ad Tag, you can set the Video Ads Clients to Google IMA, and use the following Ad Tag.



Once configured, the JW6 player will start to show video adverts as instructed in your Ad Tag. The following screenshots show examples of the video adverts.


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