The quick start packs for our Joomla templates provide a method to quickly setup new Joomla 3 websites that replicate our demo websites.

This documentation is written for Joomla 3, and refers to the quick start packs that are compatible with Joomla 3.

What is a Quick Start Pack?

Our template quick start packs are downloads which allow you to create new Joomla websites. They should only be used when creating a new Joomla website. They should not be used in existing Joomla websites, and can not be installed using the Joomla Extensions Manager.

DO NOT install quick start packs into existing Joomla websites

DO use quick start packs to create new Joomla websites

What do the quick start packs include?

The quick start packs do not include Joomla.

Joomla prefers that developers do not distribute versions of Joomla, and that all users should download the latest version from the official Joomla website. Therefore, the quick start packs include:

  • Latest version of the HWDMediaShare gallery
  • Latest version of the Joomla template
  • Sample data and files to recreate our demo

#1: Download Joomla 3

Firstly you will have to download Joomla. You can obtain the latest release of Joomla by visiting

Download Joomla

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