Adding media up your server

In order to import media from your server you will have to place this media in the correct location, which is the 'media' directory. In this directory create a new directory and call it an appropriate name (I have called my new directory 'media_files'). Place the media you want to upload in this directory. Your media directory structure should now look similar to this:


I have placed 8 images in this directory.


Adding new media

To add new media go to the hwdMediaShare dashboard. Click on the Add New Media icon.


Bulk Import From Server

Select 'Bulk Import From Server' from the list and you will see the media directory structure. Select the directory you set up to contain the media items and you will see the number of media items in the directory. Click on the import button. This will import all the media items located in this directory.


After the import there will be a message to let you know it was succesfull. If you go to the media page you will now see the imported images.


You can see that the 8 media items from my folder 'media_files' are now imported.

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