HWDMediaShare provides an integration with EasySocial. Easy Social is a Social Networking Extension for Joomla that allows registered users to create profiles, share content and interact with other users.

This documentation is written for Joomla 3, and refers to HWDMediaShare version 2.

Integration features

The EasySocial integration provides the following features:

  • Displays EasySocial avatars in HWDMediaShare.
  • Creates user links from HWDMediaShare that point directly to EasySocial profile pages.
  • Insert records into the EasySocial social stream when users upload new media to HWDMediaShare.
  • A dedicated EasySocial App that displays media uploaded by users within the EasySocial profile pages.

Getting started

You'll need Joomla 3, HWDMediaShare 2 and EasySocial installed. The integration is provided through plugins in the Premium Addons, so you'll need a Premium subscription or higher.

EasySocial profile links and avatars

To enable EasySocial links and avatars in HWDMediaShare, then visit the Configuration page for HWDMediaShare.

In the Integrations tab, for the Community avatar option, select "EasySocial". Doing this will mean that EasySocial avatars will be used in HWDMediaShare.

In the Integrations tab, for the Community link option, select "EasySocial". Doing this will mean that any user links generated in HWDMediaShare will point directly to the user's EasySocial profile page.

EasySocial social streams for new media

To insert new media that is uploaded to HWDMediaShare into the EasySocial streams, then visit the Joomla plugin manager, and ensure the plugin called HWD - Event (Social) is enabled. If you search the plugins using the word "social" this will be easier.

After the plugin is enabled, edit the plugin, and open the EasySocial tab. Ensure that the option for Add new media to stream is set to "Yes".

Following the successful configuration of the plugin, and new media that is uploaded to EasySocial will be inserted into the user's social stream.

The plugin is designed so that media will open directly within the stream page using a responsive lightbox.

HWDMediaShare App for EasySocial

The HWDMediaShare app for EasySocial is an application that displays the media uploaded by a user within their EasySocial profile page.

Installing the EasySocial App

The installation package for the EasySocial app is included in the Premium Addons, and must be extracted before it can be installed into the EasySocial manager. You can download the Premium Addons from the download section, and the file has the name hwdmediashare_premium_addons_3.zip. Unzip this file, and inside the directory called packages, you will find all the modules and plugins included with the Premium Addons.

The EasySocial app is called plg_app_user_media_3.zip.

To install this file, visit the Applications page of EasySocial.

From this page, select the Install option.

Use the Upload Installation Package tool to install the plg_app_user_media_3.zip file.

Following successful installation, the app will be displayed in the list with other EasySocial applications, and can be configured as required.

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