The media player framework is a plugin system which allows the use of any suitable media player to be utilized for the delivery of videos and audio in HWDMediaShare.

The media player plugins belong to the plugin group called hwdmediashare, and can be installed using Joomla. Installing the Addon pack will install all the official HWDMediaShare media player plugins.


Compatible players will show in the configuration and can be selected for use in the Media tab.


Standalone media player plugins

A stand alone plugin contains everything needed to show the media player within the HWDMediaShare plugin. An example of a standalone plugin is the MediaElement.js plugin which is distributed with HWDMediaShare.

Bridging media player plugins

A bridging plugin is a plugin which allows the use of another Joomla media player within HWDMediaShare. They bridge the integration between the external media player and HWDMediaShare. An example of a bridging plugin is the JWAdvanced plugin.

Currently supported bridging plugins are:

Using bridging plugins

To use a bridging plugin you must install the HWDMediaShare media player plugin AND the original Joomla media player plugin from the Joomla Extensions Directory. Only after you install both plugins will the media player appear as an option in the HWDMediaShare configuration.

For example, if you want to use the bo:videoJS player in HWDMediaShare then you must download and install the plugin from the JED, and install the HWDMediaShare Addon pack. You will then be able to select this player in the confirguation.

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