After you have successfully uploaded a media file to HWDMediaShare, it will be displayed in HWDMediaShare. Without any further processing, HWDMediaShare will simply show the original file.

Most of the time, the original file will not be in a format which is compatible for display in your Joomla website. In this case, HWDMediaShare will simply try use whatever plugin is available. For example, if you upload a MOV video file, then HWDMediaShare will try to load the video in the Apple Quick Time plugin.

To avoid this situation, HWDMediaShare will attempt to process the original file and produce other copies of the file which can be displayed in an efficient and consistent way on your Joomla website.

What does processing mean?

  1. HWDMediaShare will create new media files from the original, so that the media can be easily displayed over the internet. This commonly involves compressing the original media in some way.
  2. HWDMediaShare will generate a suitable thumbnail from the original media item to display in media lists.

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