The HWD component can be styled by the template since we've focused on using Joomla standard output for most of it. However, there are elements of the component that we couldn't style using the Joomla standards.

If you want to customize these areas you'll need to edit the hwd.css file. This file contains elements like the component navigation, media type icons, duration of videos, etc... You'll need to edit the hwd.css file located at 

In the file you'll notice that all of the HWD styles begin with the containing ID #hwd-container. This is to ensure that our custom styles don't conflict with any other default styles in the template or in other components on your Joomla site. 

If you don't want to edit the hwd.css file you can simply add overrides in the template.css file of your Joomla template. Some designers don't like to change the core code of a component so they simply make overrides for existing styles.

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