Requirement Version (Minimum)
Joomla 3.0
PHP 5.4
Ffmpeg 2.0
ImageMagick 6.3.8
PHP exec() function N/A
PHP cURL library N/A
Flvtool2 or
Yamdi or
Yamdi 1.8
Qt-faststart N/A
H264 Streaming Module N/A

The versions given above are the minimum required versions. Joomla and HWDMediaShare will work with newer versions and we recommend you use the most recent stable versions.

Please read our information about choosing a suitable host and see recommended shared and dedicated hosts.

We also recommend

  • It is strongly recommended that ffmpeg is installed with the most important codecs, including MP3 (lame), H.264 (libx264), AAC (libfaac). For further information read our server Setup guide.
  • The PHP exec() function is required to start the media processing functions.
  • The PHP Client URL (cURL) library is required to get information about media from remote websites such as
  • In line with Joomla recommendations, the PHP safe_mode must be switched Off.

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