• Start new forum threads for each separate question.
  • Don't hijack other user forum threads. Even if your problem is the same or related, start a new forum thread instead.
  • Include your Joomla and HWDMediaShare version numbers with each question.
  • Be polite, be constructive, be patient!
  • No pornographic links.

Staff/moderator Responses

We aim to reply to all forum threads within 3 business days. It is likely you will receive a much quicker response than this but we do not guarantee it. However, if your post remains unanswered for longer than 7 days you may contact us directly for an update on your query.

Plan Ahead!

When designing or developing new websites please plan ahead. The media conversion aspect of HWDMediaShare is technical, and you should allow some time to overcome these and read through our documentation. We understand you may have deadlines but it is not our responsibility to meet these for you. If you need support please ask for it as far in advance of your deadline as possible to ensure we can help you in time.

Weekend Forum Responses

Staff work Monday to Friday. If you post in the forum after 3PM GMT on Friday, you will not receive a response from the developers until Monday, at the earliest.

No Forum Response in 7 Days?

If you posted a query over 7 days ago and there has been no responses, it is likely your post has been missed by accident. Under these circumstances you can post again or contact us directly to inquire about your problem.


General Forum Guidelines


Don't bump (or post again asking why no one is helping)

You will actually get a slower response. We try to respond to threads by time since the last post and therefore bumping will put you at the bottom of the list.

Don't hijack (the thread exists to help the original user who posted, not you)

Users rarely have exactly the same problem, with the same cause and the same solution. Therefore, we prefer to give dedicated support to each user so please start your own thread instead.

Don't duplicate

Duplicating your threads will simply make the support you receive more confusing and slower. Just start one thread and wait for a response.


General Posting

  • If you're looking for a constructive discussion, you are the one who has to take the initiative, always.
  • Try to always read through your post before submitting it. Is it typed in a way that is easy to understand? Are terms that are not known all defined? Is it riddled with typos?
  • Describing the problem poorly will give your thread a very bad start, be as clear as possible.
  • Using different kinds of styling (colors and sizes) can be a good way to freshen up your post as long as the text is readable and doesn't get cluttered (i.e. not too bright, dark, small, large, or different colors everywhere).

Asking questions / requesting assistance & vice versa

  • When you have a question, first do the following: Check out the documentation that might give you the answer without asking it. If you can't find anything then do some quick searches on the forum to see if someone has asked a similar question; if the question has already been asked yet not answered in the way you need, you should start a new thread and refer to the previous thread in your post.
  • Are you clearly communicating what you want to, or what you need help understanding? We are not psychic, we need you to explain what you mean!
  • Write out as many details as you can about the effect you want to achieve or the problem you are having. Write down every detail! Tell people what you have tried to do to obtain the desired effect, or solve the current issue. You don't always need to post a screen shot, a trigger, or snippet of code. However, including screenshots certainly helps clarify your post.
  • Post what you have tried relating to previous suggestions or information people have given you.

Locking Threads

Moderators will lock threads for a number of reasons.

  • The issue has been resolved. Once the original issue has been resolved the moderator will lock the thread. This keeps the thread short, and relevant to the original topic title. It makes it easier for other users with the same problem to scan the thread and find the solution. If the same user has other problems they are more than welcome to start new dedicated threads. Other users with the same problem can also start their own dedicated thread to receive dedicated support from staff.
  • The thread has been inactive fro more than 4 weeks. The system will automatically lock threads which have no activity for more than 4 weeks, this helps keep the forum tidy and cleans up dead discussions. It also prevents users jumping onto the end of very old discussions which are similar but not the same.
  • The issue is a duplicate. If the issue has duplicated a post, the duplicates will be locked and referred back to the original discussion. Posting duplicates will not speed up response times, and will only cause confusion. Ultimately, it leads to fragmented support.

Suggested Posting Format

Please note: This suggested format is by no means mandatory, and will certainly not always fit every type of posting, but should always serve as a decent point of departure.

  • Informative subject: Try to make the topic's title as detailed and clear as possible. Using one word like help! or please! or ALL CAPITAL LETTERS or strings of !!!!! will get you nowhere. in fact, it is more likely to make moderator skip over your thread to a thread which is easier to understand. Additionally, it won't help people who do search the forum before asking their question.
  • Configuration: Give as much specification as possible, like your version of HWD, Joomla and any related extensions.
  • Link: Giving a link to your website will probably give the support team a better understanding of the problem and may result in fast help.
  • Screenshot image: Taking a screenshot of your problem and any error messages will help the support team understand your problem without having to replicate it.
  • MySQl version, PHP version etc. might not be important or relevant to your question however, it is worth knowing what versions you are using and including them in your posts.
  • Problem: it is important to give a detailed description of the problem you are having and the error message you get will help. Please give as many details as possible, but be clear.
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