HWDMediaShare allows you to create a Joomla menu which points directly to a single media item. This article explains how to use the Joomla menu manager to achieve this.

This documentation is written for Joomla 3, and refers to the HWDMediaShare v2.

Using the Joomla Menu Manager

To create a menu link to a single media, visit the Joomla menu manager, and select the Add New Menu Item option for the Menu you want to add the link to.

You will then be taken to the New Menu Item page, where you can click on the Select button and choose the type of menu you want to create.

You will see a list of all the components that are installed in your Joomla website, and you can select the HWDMediaShare option to expand the tab and view all the available HWDMediaShare menu types.

You will need to scroll down the list to see the "Single Media" menu type, which you should then click to select.

You will be returned to the New Menu Item page where you can now enter your menu title, and select the media you wish to display.

Once you have reviewed the other options in the page, you can click the Save button to save your new single media menu item.

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