Upload media to a category

The most simple way to add media to a category is to upload it through a category. Once logged in as a user with appropriate permissions, go to the category you want the media to be added to and you will see a plus button next to the category title.


You will then see that when you get the upload media view that there is a message to tell you that the media will be added to this category.


Assigning media to a category

You can also assign media-items to categories when media has already been uploaded.

Batch Add to Category

One way you can do this is on 'My Media' in 'My Account'. Here you can use the batch add feature which enables you to select the media you want to add and then select the category.


Set Publishing Options

Another way is to edit the media directly.


When editing a media item there are publishing options and here is where you can specify which category you want this media-item to be in.


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