HWDMediaShare can show more media from the same user by configuring a Media module. This article explains how to setup the module to achieve this.

This documentation is written for Joomla 3, and refers to the HWDMediaShare v2.

Setup a Media module

The Media module for HWDMediaShare is a module that displays a list of media, which can be configured in a large variety of ways. For the basic installation and setup instructions for the Media module please firstly read our 'Using the Media Module' documentation.

We will explain how to configure the Media module to achieve a "More User Videos" tab under the video player, as shown below.

Configuring the Media module

Configure the Media module so the Display option is set to Media from the user being viewed as show in the following screenshot.

Custom 'media-tabs'  module position

We have developed a custom module position into the media page so you can add any number of modules which will display automatically in the tabs. To learn more about this feature please read our documentation on module positions.

Important module options

The other important options to configure are:

  • Title, you can call the module whatever you like and the title will appear as the title of the tab in the media page.
  • Position, set the position to 'media-tabs' to show the module in a new tab on the media page. The 'media-tabs' position will not show in the list of existing module positions, so you can just type the name of the new position and press the 'Enter' key to create it.
  • Media Type, should be set to Videos if you only want to show videos.
  • Display, set to Media from the user being viewed.
  • Menu Assignment, you can assign the module to show on all pages, because the 'media-tabs' position will only show on the main media page.

The other options in the module can be configured as needed.

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