This documentation is written for Joomla 3, and refers to the HWDMediaShare v2.

The display of all types of media in HWDMediaShare (video, photos, audio and documents) has been specifically designed to be responsive. This means that the display will respond appropriately based on the type of device that is viewing the page.

You can define the maximum media size that you want media to be displayed on your website. HWDMediaShare will not show media with larger dimensions than the value you enter into the configuration. However, it will reduce the size where necessary in other devices such as mobiles or tablets.

To set the maximum size, visit the HWDMediaShare configuration page.

Under the Media tab, enter your preferred value for the maximum media size.

Important notes

  1. This option sets the maximum size. If the element in the page which contains the media is smaller than this, the display will be reduced so that it fills the container but doesn't overflow.
  2. For images, if the largest copy of the image is smaller than the maximum value that is defined, the photo will display with its original dimensions rather than being stretched.

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