HWD Update Authentication

Authorise your Joomla website for updates

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Our extensions will use the Joomla Update Manager, allowing you to easily update your extensions through the Joomla administrator interface. As HWD extensions require login or subscription to download you'll need to authorise your website before your update manager can download updates.

Download & Install


Download the HWD Update Authentication system plugin and install it into your Joomla extension manager.


Enable & Configure


You will then need to enable the HWD Update Authentication system plugin.

Then edit the plugin parameters, and enter your HWDMediaShare.co.uk login credentials.


Check You're Authorised


When you visit the Joomla Update Manager, you should now see that HWD extensions are authorised for update.


Or... Manually Update Extensions


If you do not wish to install our HWD Update Authentication plugin, you can simply visit our website, download the latest version of the extension and manually install it through the Joomla extensions manager.