Strapped Template

The Strapped template for Joomla! 2.5 is based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework

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Joomla 2.5 support has finished!

This product was designed for Joomla 2.5, and was developed as "proof of concept" that Bootstrap could be successfully integrated with Joomla.

The support for Joomla 2.5 has now ended, and Bootstrap has been integrated into the Joomla 3 distribution. You can still use this legacy software download, but it is no longer supported or developed.


The Strapped template will not be updated for Joomla 3. There are many free Joomla 3 templates which are built upon the Bootstrap framework. One great example if the free JB:Core template offered by out partners over at JoomlaBuzz.

There have already been attempts at making a Bootstrap version 2 Joomla template. So why make another? While the previous attempts were good starting points I feel like they we not pushed enough.

In order to completely have a bootstrap website experience, a lot of time needed to be spent on the output. Which is why I focused on doing as many template overrides as possible in order to achieve the Bootstrap styles.


  1. Joomla 2.5/3.2 Ready
  2. Responsive Layout
  3. Works great with HWDMediaShare
  4. 14 module positions
  5. Bootstrap v2 styles
  6. Extensive typography

Strapped and Bootstrap

The Problem

For as long as I have been working with Joomla!, ever since it was Mambo, I've felt that the output wasn't as good as it could be. I found that making template seemed to lock me into a certain way to design. With the development of frameworks like Gantry, Morph, Wright, etc... this seemed to change how Joomla templates were built. I love that we as a community have been so creative in the way we make Joomla work. One downfall of frameworks is that no matter how flexible we make them, not everyone can use or modify them for their website needs.

What if Joomla we had a framework that only required a css file and one javascript file? It could be as flexible as everyone wanted it. I've searched and searched for ways to make Joomla! template building as rapid as possible. I've looked pretty much everywhere for a simple to use, easy to rapidly build css framework. After years of searching I found Bootstrap.

Now all you need to know is css to produce amazing layouts and website functionality using the Strapped template.

The Solution

Bootstrap is by far the most comprehensive css framework I've found. Not only does it include pretty much anything you'd need for interface design, but also includes some fancy jQuery plugins to help spice things up.

As an experiment I've built the Strapped template. I've gone through and used html overrides to create output just like Bootstrap. Now not everything can use overrides such as the Joomla plugins but for everything that could use overrides, I made them. You can see them by looking through the examples in the main menu.

I've taken into account some pretty nice things Bootstrap has like the navigation options. You can change the way your menu looks and functions by just adding a few menu class suffix. The list of benefits in using Bootstrap are endless.

Some attempts were already made for using Bootstrap for Joomla templates. I just felt like they weren't pushed as far as they should have been.

As a treat for the Joomla community, I want to give this template away. I'd like to see what happens with it. If it grows, and if some of you find bug fixed, or ways to enhance it.


Bootstrap Navigation

Responsive Design


Module Variations


14 Module Positions

The Strapped template comes with 14 module positions for you to customize the look of your site. With the module variations for this template you will be able to create an infinite number of modules in any of the module positions.

The module position to choose from are as follows:

  • above
  • above-content
  • banner
  • below
  • below-content
  • bottom
  • bottom-menu
  • breadcrumbs
  • debug
  • footer
  • header
  • left
  • right
  • search
  • sub-nav
  • top
  • top-menu