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If you’ve used the internet for any amount of time (and we assume that you have), then certainly you know how popular YouTube and other video sharing networks can be. The #1 social video website in the world is known to produce trillions (yes, trillions) of unique visits every single year as more than 800 million users browse its pages every day, and no doubt you’ve heard that 60 hours of video are uploaded to this single company’s servers every minute (that’s an hour of video uploaded every second, for those who are counting). Even without the embedded videos shared across millions of websites hosted around the world, itself is the third most visited website, just under and - but why is that?

It’s easy to say that video is popular because the format is so easy to digest by viewers, but how can this intensely popular service be used on a smaller scale by companies (and individuals) to promote products and services to the masses? Where print and radio advertisements were once the dominating masters of marketing campaigns, what kind of power can be found within a medium that produces billions of enthralled viewers from every nation around the world?

Granted, it will take quite a large amount of skill (or just plain dumb luck) to create a video as the second most popular “Charlie Bit My Finger - Again!” video, which now has nearly 500,000,000 views, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own slice of success through creating and sharing your own videos online. Of AdAge’s Top 100 companies, 98 of them have run advertising campaigns using the Tube’s ad services, and it is regularly noted that those of us running smaller companies have achieved some great goals and surpassed milestones simply by connecting with our viewers in such a direct way as video-communications. The question then, is not “why” is video so popular, but “how can you use it”?

By creating your own videos and communicating ideas in a format that is easily digested and frequently browsed by the billions of potential connections that use the internet, you aren’t just throwing information out and hoping for the best return (as is often the case with blogs, print ads and other forms of social advertising), you are directly interacting with potential customers and faithful users, and giving them a face to look at. The best ads have always been known to be ones that viewers can connect with on a personal level - and that is exponentially easier and more efficient when the medium by which you are connecting is one where they can actually hear a voice and see the expressions.

Of course, you can’t just create a single video and expect your traffic to skyrocket. There are literally millions of videos on the web that have single-digit views and no resulting traffic. Often times, these videos provide no intrinsic value to the viewers, so they don’t care to share, and more often than not, they stand alone in the midst of a sea of other videos. When you decide to share videos relevant to your customers, or even to create your own videos and communicate with those customers directly, you have to understand that people generally want to build a relationship with their content providers. Video allows you to do that in a way that was not ever before possible, so it is important that you take advantage of the opportunity.

While developing your own video campaign, don’t do so simply because you think a single video will help your company move to greater heights in the industry, do so with a purpose. Certainly, video allows your organization to send messages out to the masses and spread the word about your products or ideas, but when you understand that video is also a way for your viewers to also communicate back to you, through comments, sharing or making video replies themselves, you’ll begin to unlock the true power behind creating and sharing videos with your network. A two-way road of communication and feedback is a powerful tool that many people, groups and companies strive for in their never-ending journey towards success. Video, more-so than any other medium, is the greatest way to add that tool to the arsenal of means by which you will achieve your goals and overcome obstacles.

Creating, sharing and listening - maintaining videos related to your cause sends a greater message than any one of those three things alone can send, because it sends all three. In the age where everyone is striving to consume more of the things that interest them, content is still King, but video is the Queen, and we all know that the lady of the house has a lot of power over which direction her King is heading.