UpdateWe are excited to announce that HWDMediaShare 1.1.10 has been released. This maintenance release primarily addresses stability improvements, with fixes to the content plugin, the xMap plugin, the JomSocial plugin. We have also changed our Javascript framework to reduce the likelihood of jQuery/Mootool conflicts. We have resolved a problem with the responsiveness of the grid design within the component. The main new feature is the introduction of new configuration options to independently control the display of the elements within the Group pages, such as the media map, activity, member lists and media display.

The operating system Android for smartphones and tablets has had some notable releases recently, especially in terms of media services. In a recent blog post I talked about how Vine were working on there Android version. That has now been released. I mentioned Flickr's new Android App recently and we've also seen BBC release their iPlayer on Android. These media services, as well as other it already had compatibility for, mean that Android is catching up and is now in it's best shape ever when it comes to media.

Comics & Gaming Magazine

This week's site of the week goes to cgmonthly.com. It is the site for comics & gaming, focusing on comics, graphic novels, and gaming. Based in Toronto and Canadian-owned, they present well-written and thought-provoking coverage including long and short features on the industry and behind-the-scenes insights. As well as this they feature articles, editorials, and reviews that are insightful and informative to the reader.

UpdateWe are excited to announce that HWDMediaShare 1.1.9 has been released. This release mainly addresses bugfixes and stability, with particular focus on the new responsive framework for the media display of the HWDMediaShare gallery. The gallery design itself was designed to be responsive when it was first launched in 2012. However, not all the video players (JW Player, Flow Player, etc) have been fully responsive. We have now introduced a new responsive framework which can be used generically for all video players in the component and modules too. This framework means the video player will resize within the containing element automatically, but importantly it will also retain its original ratio.

3D printing is the process of printing a 3-dimensional solid object of almost any given shape from a digital model. This brings fantastic possibilities to designers. Basically if you can draw it, you can make it. 3D printing has been hailed as the future of manufacturing. Also with the prices decreasing substantially since they first appeared, this process is only going to become more common.

There have been many cool objects created in recent times using 3D printers and two recent ones have really caught my attention. It has also got me thinking about the possibilities this process has for media and the way we use it in our day to day lives.

It is believed that Apple plans to increase the presence of third party social networks in it's upcoming operating system, iOS7. The operating system is of course for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. These types of devices have very much become something you have with you at all times without even thinking about it, especially the smartphone. They are now in line with your wallet and keys. The prospect of increased integration with social networks means that more and more of their functions will always be with us, and even easier to use.

Rumors have emerged that Apple plan to more deeply integrate both Flickr and Vimeo with the the new operating system, as they did with Facebook and Twitter in the past. As with Twitter and Facebook, users will be able to log in one time to these and have full sharing access.

Update We are pleased to announce that HWDMediaShare 1.1.8 has been released.

The release includes improvements such as initial responsiveness added to the media item page. We have started adding responsiveness by making the JWPlayer responsive to the size of the browser.

We have also added an option to select which type of media RTMP imports are. This means that they will be recognized as that media type when filtering and for media type specific modules (e.g. videos module).

Drupal.org, the home of the Drupal project, was hacked recently. It was said that "unauthorised access" was gained to user account meaning the hackers had access to usernames, email addresses and hashed passwords. Initial estimates of users effected were around the 1 million mark but Drupal.org were quick to get affected users to change their password.

The Drupal group noticed malicious files on its servers during the course of a security audit. They immediately shut down its association.drupal.org website to “mitigate any possible security issue related to the files”. It was during the course of this audit that Drupal learned user information had been compromised. Worryingly Drupal.org say that they don’t know when the hack occurred.

I must make it clear that this hack affects Drupal.org, not Drupal the CMS. It is also important to note that Drupal say they don't store credit card details on their servers. There have been a number of high profile hacks so far this year. It is easy to get complacent about the security on your website, but such stories can be a positive trigger to review your own security practices.

Today we take a closer look at Vine, the mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos.

What is Vine?

If you haven't heard of Vine yet (where have you been?) then you probably won't know what I'm talking about, so let me tell you about Vine. Video clips created with Vine have a maximum length of 6 seconds and can be shared or embedded on social networking services such as Twitter, which acquired the app in October 2012.

If you are running an image gallery then you may have some Gif images on your site, or at least have used them before. GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format and became a popular image format due to animation support. You will still find looping video Gifs all over the web.

Why am I talking about such an old format now? The breaking Gif news is actually related to it's pronunciation. How have you been reading this article so far? With a hard G or soft G? If the latter, you'd be correct to do so!.