Flickr is adding a one-click printed photo book feature for its users, Yahoo's photo-sharing site announced Tuesday. This continues a series of announcements and acquisitions which started late last year, and mark continued investment by Yahoo in rebuilding the once-dominant platform.

Since the revamp of its iPhone app late last year Flickr has seen a series of updates including a complete redesign of its web presence, the launch of an Android app and the ‘gift' of 1 terabyte of free storage space to every user. 

We are currently in the progress of upgrading the HWDMediaShare website, to bring you easier access and improved services. We will write more on these upgrades in the coming weeks. One of our aims was to improve the integration with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Improved integration with these networks should increase engagement and ultimately increase the number of people who see our news.

Facebook and Twitter offer widgets to insert data from your accounts onto your website. In the case of Twitter, this could be your recent tweets, or your number of followers. Like many of you, we find the social widgets offered by Facebook and Twitter very difficult to work with. It isn't possible to change the output from these widgets, and they have very limited options for styling the display.

Joomla! Day UK 2013 was a great Joomla! event. The conference ran over the weekend of the 5-6 October in Ascot, near London. HWDMediaShare was very proud to sponsor the Developer stream for the weekend, and we would like to extend our thanks to Jodee Peevor, Ruth Cheesley and all the rest of the Joomla! Day UK team for all their hard work.



UpdateWe are excited to announce that HWDMediaShare 1.1.12 has been released today. This maintenance release includes some minor bug fixes to the HWDMediaShare component. It includes some major new functionality in the HWDKaltura component, improving the synchronization with single Kaltura accounts. Specifically, the tool now cleans up old media and categories that have been removed from Kaltura and also uses the creation date from Kaltura for the creation date of the media in HWDMediaShare. The release also includes some Joomla 3 compatibility fixes in the CLI interface which came into software through more recent versions of Joomla 3. We have also updated the Strapped template overrides for HWDMediaShare to ensure continued compatibility. As well as these there are many other fixes and improvements, which can all be seen in the changelog.

In the past decade, young and creative individuals saw massive, and in most cases unexpected, success making and sharing videos for everything from music and sketch comedy to make-up tips. Since the development of revenue sharing opportunities on Youtube and other popular video sharing websites, these individuals can now earn a full time living from making video content.

Now large numbers of video makers are trying to cash in on the opportunities afforded by web video. It has become a career for thousands of video creators, with some making hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Sony has confirmed plans to sell two stand-alone lenses that connect to smartphones by wi-fi, allowing them to take higher-quality photos. In a bid to take mobile photography in a new direction Sony has launched the QX-100 and QX-10, claiming they are essentially a new category of consumer product, offering the high quality photography of digital cameras whilst connecting to users' smartphones for adjusting and cropping images, and sharing them via social media.



Joomla is one of the most powerful open source content management system (CMS) that is utilized by millions of websites around the world. However, this platform by default needs a little work to be search engine friendly, which is the reason why you need to do on-site SEO for better rankings and traffic.

It is also important to note that Joomla is a template based CMS platform, and compared to WordPress which can be made by those with branding expertise, Joomla is usually used by designers with more programming knowledge.

Does that mean you shouldn’t consider branding for your Joomla site?

No, obviously branding is important, especially for off-site SEO and reputation, but if you can’t create a site with unique branding features, another option is available in the form of a company with reputation expertise.

UpdateWe are excited to announce that HWDMediaShare 1.1.11 was released last week. This maintenance release includes numerous new remote plugins, including,,,, and It also includes the extension of the responsive framework written for version 1.1.9 across more video players. There are fixes and compatibility upgrades to the xMap plugin, the Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion plugins. We resolved a bug relating to the tagging system that was introduced in Joomla 3.1. We've also improved the display of SWF files in the gallery. As well as these there are many other fixes and improvements, which can all be seen in the changelog.

Instagram launched a video service two months ago, and early analysis suggested the new video sharing tool has had a big effect on Twitter's Vine service.

A week after Instagram added video recording to its popular app, there was a dramatic decrease in the number of Vine shares on Twitter. 

We can use the free analytics tool from Topsy to compare how many times Twitter users have shared links versus links. The chart demonstrates the quick decline in Vine shares, which went into a nosedive on June 20, the day of Instagram's announcement. Topsy shows there were almost 2.5 million Vine links shared on June 19, then a little more than 1.5 million on the 20th — a drop of almost 40 percent in one day.


A bitter row has broken out between Google and Microsoft over the Windows Phone YouTube app. Google has blocked users from watching videos via the app, saying it violated its terms of service.

The dispute first started in May, when YouTube Director of Global Platform Partnerships Francisco Varela sent a cease-and-desist letter to Todd Brix, GM of Windows Phone Apps, demanding that the his company take down the Microsoft-authored app. The letter claims that the application allows users to download videos from YouTube, while also stripping ads from the videos that it displays. It also shows videos that have been restricted from playback on certain platforms (like when the video owner doesn’t give YouTube the right to display videos on mobile phones or tablets).