The HWD MediaShare team is pleased to release version 2.0.4 today. The community will be notified about this new update via the Joomla update manager, but the update can also be applied manually by downloading the latest version and installing it through the Joomla extensions manager.

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This minor point update includes numerous bugfixes and some notable new enhancements!


Lightbox Mode

We've added a new "Lightbox Mode" option in the configuration which enables the use of the ligthbox feature throughout the gallery component. Previously, this feature only existed in modules. However, media in the main gallery component can now be displayed in a lightbox. The options provides improved support for users who want to provide a lighter experience for their users. Links below the lightbox will direct users to the main media page for further interaction with the media. This is a highly requested and early awaited feature that is still in experiential development. Feedback is welcome and we'll be providing more information and example of this new feature soon.

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Video Duration Processing

In the previous release, there was a known issue that prevented the video duration being calculated correctly. The issue that affected a number of users has been resolved in 2.0.4.

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JW Platform Plugin

We've included a new remote plugin for the popular JW Platform. Now you can easily import media you've added to your JW Platform account. The responsive JW Player will be imported into HWDMediaShare, allowing you to quickly and easily benefit from all the great JW Platform features in Joomla.

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CLI Support

We've upgraded our CLI script to provide more powerful media processing, maintenance and API features over the command line.

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