The HWD MediaShare team is pleased to release version 2.0.3 today. For the first time, users will be notified about this new update via the Joomla update manager, but the update can also be applied manually by downloading the latest version and installing it through the Joomla extensions manager.

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This minor point update addressed approximately 57 bugs and issues. Most of these are minor fixes and enhancements although there are also some notable new features included in this update!


JW Player 7 Support

We've added support for the new version of JW Player. JW Player 7 is faster and smarter than the previous version. They've also removed their watermark from the free version and allowed you to include your own branding.

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Joomla 3.4.4 Update Changes

Unfortunately, the release of Joomla 3.4.4 introduced an unexpected problem where duplicate tabs are shown when editing media in HWDMediaShare. This new update includes the necessary fixes for this issue.

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Right-To-Left (RTL) Language Support

We've included and documented the processes of displaying your HWDMediaShare playlists directly in the JWPlayer playlist.

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Facebook commenting widget upgrade

We've upgraded the Facebook commenting solution to SDK version 2.3 (and introduced options so the plugin doesn't load the SDK to prevent conflicts with other Facebook extensions).

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Updated Flickr remote plugin

We've completely re-written the Flickr remote plugin to improve the information that is imported, and lift import limits through use of the Flickr API.

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Maintenance functions

We've also added new functions to the maintenance to help improve performance, optimize database queries, and migrate your legacy tags from older versions of HWDMediaShare.