Sparkk Online Television Network

Sparkk TV is an Original, Online, On-Demand Television Network for WebSeries. Originally launched as VBC Network & later VBCtv in 2005 dubbed itself as a Web Entertainment Network by Network President & Founder Aaron Bielert. Originally hosting as a fan fiction site for original fan fiction online TV work, the network would later evolve with the addition of video WebSeries content coming to the network. Sparkk TV is a fantastic showcase of HWDMediaShare, which is using genuinely original content.



More About Sparkk TV

Its first video webseries was both "Orange Juice In Bishop's Garden" & "Oh, Inverted World". Of those two original first video webseries on VBCtv, only one remains on the network to this day. VBCtv looks to continue to grow with new series coming to the network 3 times a year (Fall Season, Winter Season & Summer Season). VBCtv carries a tradition of airing shows in primetime at a timeslot. VBCtv tries to keep a format of that of network TVby giving you cast bios, an episode airing schedule and other attributes you would see on network TV.

In May, 2014, VBCtv relaunched & rebranded as Sparkk Online Television Network or just Sparkk TV for short. Sparkk TV will bring a new brand & meaning to Online TV WebSeries. Becoming a video only network for the first time in 9 years and dropping the Web Entertainment Network moniker for the Original WebSeries Network embrace. Sparkk TV will continue to honor the tradition that it's former VBCtv brought to the internet with premium original online content, on-demand & commercial free. Sparkk TV is the same great series, same great fans & new great name.

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