HWDMediaShare provides automatic support for language written in a Right-to-Left (RTL) direction such as Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Hebrew. The support means that when using a RTL language in Joomla, the HWDMediaShare display will start from the right of the page and continue to the left.

In order to benefit from this support you need be using a RTL language in your Joomla language manager. You can download the official language translation packs for the Joomla CMS from the Joomla.org community pages. Once using a RTL language, HWDMediaShare will verify the direction of the language and automatically include the RTL support within the media gallery when necessary. No further action or setup is required.

RTL Layout Support

Lists of media, and other elements such as playlists, groups and albums will be inverted from Left-to-Right to Right-to-Left, as shown in the following screenshot.

Additionally, the main media player page will also be inverted so that it reads from Right-to-Left, including the navigation system.

RTL Language Support

In addition to providing support for RTL layouts in HWDMediaShare, we also provide the necessary language packs to translate the HWDMediaShare content. You can download all the language packs in our Download section.

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