Generating revenue from your website content is important. We know that some of our community rely entirely on advertising to earn income, and monetizing video is a fantastic way to see great returns in a growing industry. We are constantly seeking new ways to help users monetize videos, and we are pleased to announce our integration with the Google AdSense for Flowplayer (ASF) program.

The Google AdSense for Flowplayer (ASF) program allows publishers to monetize their videos by adding Google AdSense advertisements into Flowplayer. While AdSense is normally restricted to sites with more than 10 million streams per month, Flowplayer makes it available for everyone. As a publisher in the ASF program, you receive 70% of the Google payout.

Anyone can apply to join the ASF program at, you don't even need a Flowplayer license. The websites manages the ASF program, and is responsible for all reports and payouts.

We have provided an integration meaning once you've signed up and been approved for the ASF program, you just need to enable feature in the plugin.

Documentation Download Demo


Apply online, and view more demonstrations: