We've just released a major update of the free CNN news videoBox module for Joomla. The module has been completely redeveloped for Joomla 3 and includes some fantastic new features which are discussed below in more detail. The new module can be downloaded from our media apps download pages, and all the documentation has been updated for the new features. 

Bootstrap 3 layouts

The CNN videoBox module layouts are now designed on the Twitter Bootstrap framework which is integrated and included with Joomla 3. The Bootstrap provides responsive support for the module, making it easier for users on mobiles and other smaller devices to view the videos.

The version of Bootstrap included in Joomla is Bootstrap 2 however, we've included Bootstrap 3. We've provided support for the latest version as a development experiment, and we hope that it will prepare us for the inevitable switch in the future when Joomla migrates to version 3 of the Bootstrap framework.

Responsive lightbox video playback

The CNN videoBox module will open videos directly in the same page using a popup lightbox. The lightbox is fully responsive which means the video player will respond automatically to smaller screens whilst still maintaining the appropriate 16:9 aspect ratio. This means users on mobile devices can still watch the CNN news videos.

New CNN mobile-ready HTML5 video support

The previous CNN video player lacked modern features, and had a small fixed size. Recently, CNN have offered a new mobile-ready video player, and removed the size restriction. This new player, which has significantly improved the playback experience, is now included in the videoBox module.

Demo and documentation

You can view and test the demo of the module directly on the download page, and the documentation page for the module has been rewritten for Joomla 3. 


Download Demo Documentation Review



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