The HWD team is pleased to announce the availability of HWD MediaShare 2.0 RC4 for Joomla 3. This is the first public release candidate (RC) of the next major release for the HWD MediaShare gallery, and has been specifically developed for the exciting new features in Joomla 3 and above.

Who is this release for?

This release candidate has been made available for users who need access to the new features. It is suggested for early adopters, but most users should not yet consider an upgrade to version 2.0. Users creating new sites can use either version 1.1.14 or 2.0, depending on which best suits their needs.

What is the status of HWD MediaShare 1.1?

Version 1.1.14 of HWD MediaShare is still the recommended release and support for it will continue until shortly after the release of Joomla 3.5, scheduled for Summer 2014. Users on version 1.1.14 do not yet need to migrate to 2.0.

Will I be able to update directly from 1.1 to 2.0?


The upgrade process is identical to that of all other HWD MediaShare updates however, we recommend users read our documentation on upgrading from 1.0 to 2.0. It offers more specific advice on the process, and gives recommendations for developers who are using custom code modifications and template overrides.

What are some of the new features of HWD MediaShare 2.0?

  • Integration of Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Complete upgrade of administrator panel for native Joomla 3 compatibility.
  • New (optional) upload process to allow user input of details such as title, category and tags before uploads.
  • Integration with Joomla 3 tagging system.
  • New responsive, mobile device friendly frontend templates (built using Bootstrap).
  • Thumbnails above text in list layouts.
  • New options to feature media in the category page.
  • New unified layouts, making it simple to style multiple pages with one change.
  • Extensive work on code style standardisation and consistency.
  • Improved and simplified activity streams.
  • Continued clean up of older unused code, files and database fields and tables and improved standardization of tables.


To access new HWD MediaShare installer for version 2.0, visit the Download page.

Documentation and Upgrades

Please read the update instructions before updating.