We are currently in the progress of upgrading the HWDMediaShare website, to bring you easier access and improved services. We will write more on these upgrades in the coming weeks. One of our aims was to improve the integration with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Improved integration with these networks should increase engagement and ultimately increase the number of people who see our news.

Facebook and Twitter offer widgets to insert data from your accounts onto your website. In the case of Twitter, this could be your recent tweets, or your number of followers. Like many of you, we find the social widgets offered by Facebook and Twitter very difficult to work with. It isn't possible to change the output from these widgets, and they have very limited options for styling the display.

The widgets do make it very easy to add information to your site, but they are not flexible.

More flexibility, more control

A better way to insert information from Twitter is to work directly with their API. This allows you to retrieve raw information about your account and display it directly in your page using your own HTML and CSS styling. There are many extensions for Joomla which allow you to insert the Twitter social widgets, and there are some which allow you display information directly using the API. However, we chose to write our own module. The module displays our most recent tweets, and will generate links for @users and #hashtags. You can see it working now at the bottom of this page.

Do you want this module?

Would you find this twitter module useful for your own website?

We are planning on releasing the module for free, under the GNU GPL license soon.