Thrasher Magazine

This week we take a look back at our old software HWDVideoShare. Why? Well it was recently brought to our attention that a major magazine was using HWDVideoShare and we were thrilled with both this and the knowledge that it is still being used so effectively. I'm sure you've already guessed that the magazine I'm talking about is... Thrasher Magazine.



About Thrasher Magazine

Wikipedia says about Thrasher:

Thrasher is a monthly skateboarding magazine, founded in 1981 by Kevin Thatcher, Eric Swenson, and Fausto Vitello.The publication consists of articles, skateboard photography, interviews with professional skateboarders, music journalism (primarily reviews and interviews), skatepark reviews, and miscellaneous oddities.

The magazine also maintains a website that consists of numerous features, including segments, such as "Firing Line" and "Hall of Meat", a store, a video collection, and a forum for registered users.

The magazine's website features regularly updated episodes of segments and hosts a forum in which registered users can engage in online discussion.

We were not only pleased that a magazine which has a circulation of around a quarter of a million was using our software on their website, but we were also really pleased it still looks incredible!

As well as this being a site for a major magazine, it is also a great site. It looks good, keeping the skater feel, and I personally really enjoyed the layout of the site.

It helps any site to have good content and certainly has that. We being the provider of the video software were of course attracted to this section of the site where there are definitely some great videos and some really well shot skating. However, they have good content throughout with articles, a store and a forum all of a high standard.

One of my favorite videos that I came across while browsing the site was this of the Tampa Am 2012 Final which saw the 20 year anniversary of the Skatepark of Tampa. There are clearly some talented skaters here with the tricks that are performed but you also get to see some bailing and hitting the ground while trying to push themselves in this final.

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