We have significantly improved our search plugin

We have been working on improving our own search plugin, and it has now been released. Searches are now cached and perform up to 90% faster! The search system has also been tailored to searching the HWDMediaShare gallery, and tries to give a lot of control about how and what is searched. One of the ways we do this is by letting you select where to search. For example you may want to limit the search to the Title and Description or you may want to open it up to search metadata and other areas. On top of this our search can perform two different search methods that you to choose from.

  • Cache your searches to make them 90% faster!
  • Select what to search (title, description, alias, metadata)
  • Select preferred search techniques
  • Select preferred relation technique
  • Partial word searches
  • Display thumbnails in search results

Choosing how to Search

When creating this new search plugin we tested different methods and techniques, trying to decide which would be best for you. In the end we decided to allow you to decide and included both! This means that the new search feature gives you the choice of two different ways to search.

Like Search

The like search is very quick which is always beneficial. It allows you to select areas to search and in which order to present results back to you.

Match Search

The match search's default setting is to order the results based on relevance. This makes it a great option for searching related content.


We have use the Joomla cache framework to significantly speed up the searching. Searching is up to 90% faster. 

The first time that a term is searched, it will take slightly longer than without caching because it has to perform the search and create the cache file:


However next time the search is run it will be significantly faster:


Searches for the same text will continue to perform faster until the cache expires and is regenerated.


Cached searches take just 10% of the time compared to uncached searches!