The HWDMediaShare project was started originally by Dave Horsfall in 2006, just after the fork from Mambo. Due to the popularity of the media sharing software Dave has been able to work full time on the code since then. The company Highwood Design Limited was incorporated in 2009 and took over ownership of the project.

The project could have been considered experimental. The expansion of the code base was swift. Lots of features were added. Some worked, some didn't. During this time marpada started work for the project. Marpada is an excellent systems administrator, with many years experience in a wide range of platforms. His passion for the Linux operating system and GNU free software has injected quality ideas and problem solving relating to the media conversion techniques.

In 2011, Joomla 2.5 was being prepared. The hwdVideoShare software, which was originally written for Joomla 1.0, was getting tired. It was not following the latest Joomla standards, and it was out of date with the new HTML5 media standards. A complete re-write was required.

Late in 2011, the project had the necessary wave of fresh energy in the form of Gary Gisclair. Gary prepared new templates for the old HWDVideoShare software and also steered the rewrite, focusing on Joomla standards and usability.

The new HWDMediaShare product and website was launched in March 2012.

Since the relaunch of the product and the website, Tim Stiffler-Dean has been providing topical blog posts for HWDMediaShare.

In September, Sam Cummings joined as a full time member of the team. Based in the Newcastle office, Sam is a recent graduate from Liverpool university who will be contributing in all areas of the project including development of new features, support and the launch of new installation and modification services.