HWD Groups

The groups page works great using standardized Joomla! output for css and HTML. View the groups that are created on your website and then dive down into the group details to view activity on your site.

The image on the left highlights the features and functions that are on the groups page

  1. Layout
  2. Search Filter
  3. Dropdown Filter
  4. Blog Layout
  5. Group Meta Data
  6. Group Details
  7. Group Comments
  8. Group Map


The Groups view gives you the ability to choose the layout you wish to view the groups.

  1. Details - The thumbnails of the Albums, with details, in a grid.
  2. List - The thumbnails of the Albums, with details, in a list.

Search Filter

HWDMediaShare uses the default search filtering options from Joomla! Filter by a keyword and the media will display based on your search criteria.


Drop-down Filter

Use the select drop-downs to further filter the group you're looking for. Filter the groups by Title, Date Created, Author, and Most Media.


Blog Layout

The Groups page uses the standard blog layout css/output used in Joomla's com_content component. This is to ensure that the component will remain consistent with any template you install that uses the standard Joomla! css output styles. This is the Details layout. You alternatively have the List layout here as well.


Groups Meta

The groups page will also show you meta data about the different groups in HWDMediaShare. You'll notice you can view the number of media, views, created by, and date created.


Group Details

The Group details shows information about the specific group you've looked at. View the Group description, when it was created as well as a map of where all the media is located. You can also make comments and share media with others in the group.


Group Comments

Make comments about media and share media with the group.


Group Map

The group map shows you the location of different media associated with the group. For a example a paranormal group can give other members the locations of different paranormal places they've been.

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