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HWDMediaShare helps you and your community publish media on your Joomla website, share media with other networks, integrate with other apps and keep things organised. The new and much improved HWD is the prime example of less is more. It has been completely rewritten to work seamlessly with Joomla. It's like your own personal publishing platform.


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Welcome to native HTML5 media support

HTML5, take control of your technology

  1. HTML5 is the cornerstone of the W3C's open web platform
  2. Audio and video are first class citizens in the HTML5 web, living in harmony with your apps and sites.

Multimedia Benefits

  1. Display your audio and video in Apple iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad
  2. Use native media players to show media without dependency on plugins such as Flash
  3. Show interactive content to mobiles and handheld devices elegantly, without replication.


Joomla media templates that work great with HWDMediaShare

It Just Works

We've focused on building Joomla! templates that are very easy to use. Install the template, install the component and it all just works.

  1. No Framework
  2. Very Few Overrides
  3. Styled for Standard Joomla! Output
  4. Styled to work best with HWD


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Simple software, for powerful media sharing

Consolidate your audio, video, images and documents with HWDMediaShare



Activities allows you to view, edit and manage the user activities that were created on your website. Manage each activity individually or use the batch process to change multiple items simultaneously.

Click the thumbnail on the left to view the Activities

  1. Core task buttons.
  2. Activity search filter.
  3. Activity list.
  4. Pagination.
  5. Powerful tools for batch operations.
Screen 1

HWD Search

The search page allows you to search HWDMediaShare for Media items, albums, groups, and playlists.

  1. Item Type Select
  2. Search Filter
  3. Match Case
  4. Ordering
  5. Advanced Search
  6. Display Number
  7. Results

Select the areas you want to search, enter your search terms, specify the match type and order, then see the results displayed.

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