This module is a great solution for quickly and easily adding high quality media content to any Joomla site. Insert the most popular videos from Dailymotion, or videos from any Dailymotion playlist or user. You can even search for videos by keywords.

Dailymotion videoBox.

El Bayern Múnich ha anunciado el fichaje del centrocampista español de 32 años Xabi Alonso, que llega procedente del Real Madrid. Monde des petits te propose ici une comptines pour apprendre à être un Super-héros ! Ranger sa chambre, écouter sa maman, manger de tout, viens vite découvrir comment...
Es ist offiziell: Xabi Alonso verlässt Real Madrid und schließt sich Pep Guardiola und dem FC Bayern München an. Der Welt- und Europameister spricht auf seiner Abschiedspressekonferenz offen über...


Joomla 3 compatibility.

The module works great with all versions of Joomla 2.5 and the new Joomla 3.0.

Easily customisable.

Customise the videos you want to show from Vimeo based on Staff Picks, users, groups or channels.

Multiple layouts.

Pick from multiple module templates, which are designed for vertical, horizontal and grid layouts.

Video Scrolling.

Upon opening one of the videos, the lightbox will allow you to scroll through the rest of the videos easily.

Video player Customisation.

Make the video player suit you. There are options such as setting the player width, controls options, and colour options.

Position adaptable.

The different layouts also mean that this module can be used in different module positions around your site.


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