In HWDMediaShare we have a tool which allows you to bulk manage you items. There are batch processing options available to manage Media, Albums, Categories, Playlists, and Groups. There are also further batch management options for media.

Media list options

If you navigate to your list of media and scroll down below the pagination, you will see this tool. There are two sides; Batch add and Batch remove. These allow you to batch add/remove media from categories, albums, playlists, groups and queue processes.

Different states (published, unpublished, trashed)

You can publish and unpublish items within hwdMediaShare.

Published - When an item is published it will appear in the front end of the website. A published item is represented by a green tick.

When you edit a media item there is a 'Custom Thumbnail section'. This allows you to select an image to use as a thumbnail for the media item.


Click on browse and find the image you want to use, then save the media.

Queuing new image processes

On your locally added files you can set up image processes to create new thumbnails for your media items. To do this go to the media page in your administrator.

Here you can select multiple (or singular) media-items by ticking them. Then you can select the image process you want to complete and press 'Queue this process'.

Using hwdMediaShare you can tag your media items with keywords. This is very easy to do.

Tagging Media

This can be done in both the front end and administrator.

Front End

Edit the media item to add tags to it.

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