Configure HWD features.

HWDMediaShare module positions

There are three module positions we have built into the media item template. These are:

  • media-above-player
  • media-below-player
  • media-tabs

These correspond to above the player, below the player, and in the tab system.

You can also add your own module positions in HWDMediaShare.

You have full control over access in the HWDMediaShare gallery and can restrict access in numerous ways. This documentation aims to give an overview of the main restriction options.

Offline mode

You can quickly put the HWDMediaShare gallery offline in the HWDMediaShare configuration Site tab. This will prevent access to all Joomla users.


You can also set an Offline redirect (see below) Joomla article to which all users will be directed when the gallery is offline. This is useful for explaining why the gallery isn't available.


'Pending' is a feature that allows you to approve an media upload (and other items such as albums and groups) before it is shown on the site. For example, if you set media so that it must be approved then when a user uploads media the item will not show on the site until an administrator has approved it.

On the hwdMediaShare Dashboard there is a link to 'File Extensions'.


It is possible to easily add Joomla module positions into any HWDMediaShare component view.

To add a module position, you firstly need to load the module helper file at the top of the template file.

JLoader::register('hwdMediaShareHelperModule', JPATH_COMPONENT . '/helpers/module.php');

Then you can load any module position using the following code.

<?php echo hwdMediaShareHelperModule::_loadpos('position'); ?>

Custom fields in HWDMediaShare gives users an extremely powerful way to manage additional data which can be associated with media, groups, albums, playlists and users.

The aim of this overview is to provide users of HWDMediaShare with a practical example of how to use the custom fields.

HWDMediaShare Permissions allow you to control which groups in Joomla have permissions to perform actions.

After installing HWDMediaShare always check the permissions to ensure your users can access what you want them to.

The actions in the HWDMediaShare component are:

  • Configure
  • Access Administrator Interface
  • Create
  • Delete
  • Edit
  • Edit State
  • Edit Own
  • Subscribe
  • Like/Dislike
  • Report
  • Comment
  • Upload Media
  • Add Remote Media

The HWDMediaShare Discover page is whatever you want it to be!

It has been designed to give you maximum flexibility over the layout and content of the entry page of your media gallery.

The Discover page simply consists of 5 module positions

  • media-discover-leading
  • media-discover-1
  • media-discover-2
  • media-discover-3
  • media-discover-4

Scheduling media conversions for HWDMediaShare

Scheduling maintainance for HWDMediaShare


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