This article is aimed at system administrators who manage their own servers.

hwdMediaShare has server requirements. If you are using a shared host then you should try to use a hosting company that has these installed already.

However, if you need to install the software yourself we have tutorials to help you do this. To install these programs on your server you need to have permission to execute commands via a suitable network protocol such as SSH. Ffmpeg depend on other programs being installed first therefore, we have prepared this recommended installation sequence for all the software required to run hwdMediaShare.

A friendly warning before starting

The installation method described in this document is not the only alternative. Most of the codecs and conversion tools may be installed using the package manager tools included in most Linux distributions (apt-get for Debian/Ubuntu, yum for Red Hat/CentOS/Fedora). While this later method may be easier and faster, it has some important drawbacks :

  • Some important codecs are usually not included in the official repositories because of licensing restrictions. Sometimes repositories created by volunteers may have a more complete set of packages, but they are not always stable and recommended for a production server.
  • Binary packages usually provide older version of the software.
  • By compiling the source code in your server the tools are optimized for running in that specific processor, taking advantage of CPU optimizations. In the binary packages code is compiled with more conservative options in order to be compatible with every existing processor, from Pentium I to Quad Core.

About mixing the two methods

While it is technically possible to mix the two methods for installing the required software (compiling from source code and installing from binary packages), it is also a potential source of conflicts. Avoid doing so unless you understand exactly what you are doing.

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