The module works on Joomla 2.5 & 3.0

The module works with all versions of Joomla 2.5 and the new Joomla 3.0.


Choosing tracks to show

You can simply enter an URL into the module configuration to determine what is shown. Either a user URL to show all their tracks or the URL for a single track.


Customize the player

The module includes options to customize the player such as the colour and whether or not to show the artwork.


Installing the module

Install the module through the Joomla Extensions manager. Browse and select the zip file, then press 'Upload & Install'. When the module is successfully installed, you will receive a success message.


Using the module

Showing audio tracks in a Joomla module position

When the SoundCloud audioBox is installed, a module of the same name will be created which can be found in the module manager. Edit this module or create a new module of this type.



To get this module to appear in a module position there are three things to do. Firstly you must select the position which you want the module to appear in. Secondly you must set the status to 'Published'.



Finally you must select the pages you want the module to appear on.


This module is now set up so that it will appear in the module position selected, however you need to select which tracks you want it to display. This is done in the Options.

First go to the SoundCloud website and go to a user page or track page(page which plays a single track). Copy the url of this page and paste into the 'URL' field.

  • Select whether or not to autoplay the module.
  • Select whether or not to show the track(s) artwork.
  • Select the colout of your player(optional).

When you save these changes the module will appear in the front end, in the position selected.


You can go back and edit the Options of the module at any time to get the module to appear as you would like.


Showing videos in a Joomla article

To display this module in an article you must make sure that the plugin 'Content - Load Modules' is published. To do this go to the Plug-in Manager.


You need to create a new position for the module that is not any of the actual positions of any template. For example, here I have made up the position 'hwd-position1'.


Then in the article insert the text 'loadposition ' followed by the position you gave the module (making sure to separate with a space). Enclose this in curly braces.


The SoundCloud auidoBox will then appear in this article in the front end. It will follow all the options you have set in the module.